Firm Calls for Collective Efforts in Tackling Stroke

On 06/Nov/2019 / In Articles

The Executive Director, Clinical Excellence, Physio Centre of Africa, Dr Michelle Neff, has advocated a collaborative effort from stakeholders in the health sector to tackle stroke in Nigeria. Neff, in a statement to commemorate the World Stroke Day, urged members of the public to reflect on the advocacy and discussions about stroke and get actively involved in providing a path towards a sustainable solution.
She said, “To address the burden of stroke, the issue has to be tackled on various fronts; from providing the actual care to the patients to training the caregivers and health care professionals in the skills they need to solve the unique problems faced in stroke management, to providing all the necessary equipment. Physio Centres of Africa offers a holistic approach to these issues and covers all these areas of need.”
Also, the Managing Director of the firm, Ms Ngozi Edozien, said a world-class care, professionalism, patient-centered care, and restoration of human and realised outcomes are pivotal components of reducing the burden of stroke.
“We are committed to offering personalised care to patients, ensuring that they regain their dignity and enjoy the best quality of life possible no matter their condition. As part of the activities to mark World Stroke Day, our firm will be providing information on stroke rehabilitation to the public via our social media pages and blog,” Edozien said.

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