Exercise to Avoid Non Communicable Disease, Expert Advises

On 08/Nov/2019 / In Articles

Mr Chukwuemeri Okafor, of Physiotherapy Department, Chukwumeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital, Amaku has called on the elderly to exercise regularly to avoid non communicable diseases caused by old age.
Okafor, who is the Acting Head of Department,  Physiotherapy Department in the teaching hospital made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Awka. He said that physical exercise was very important for the elderly because it would enable the body tissues to be active and healthy all the time. He said that physical exercise on daily basis would help  prevent non communicable diseases caused by of lack  exercise as old age sets in.
He urged the elderly to take time off regularly to engage in light exercises such as swinging, swimming, brisk-walking and dancing. “Sleeping always do not help the elderly but as one is aging,  activities that will make the muscles and bones to retain its shape is needed and lack of exercise can also cause diabetics,” he said. 
He said that when the elderly engaged in physical fitness, they would avoid the resultant effect of insulin resistance in old age “which is the result of diabetes’’. Okafor said that exercise was meant for all ages because it releases some mineral like calcium that would make the bones to be strong. 
He said that lack of exercise could lead to hardened muscles which could cause heart diseases and result in premature deaths, especially among the youths. “Most times, we hear of young people who slump at work places, this is the result of lack of exercise. “People must as a matter of importance create time for physical activities either before work or after work,” he said.

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