Lab Scientists Disrupting UCTH Medical Care

On 11/Oct/2019 / In Medical News

DOCTORS have accused laboratory scientists at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital of frustrating medical care and treatment of patients in the university. The doctors, who are members of the College of Nigerian Pathologists, warned that the public might not have effective treatment if the situation was allowed to persist. The Secretary of the College of Nigerian Pathologists in Cross River State, Dr Ushie Edem, stated this when he led his members to address journalists in Calabar.
He said, “It is important to alert the public to the attacks by members of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, University of Calabar, who have continued to frustrate medical care and treatment in the university by attacking pathologists while carrying out their lawful duties.
University of Calabar Teaching Hospital
“On September 5, after days and weeks of careful planning by the group under the aegis of Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, medical pathologists were attacked and many of them were left with injuries, torn clothes, lost or damaged accessories including wrist watches and identity cards, among other things.”
He said the absence of pathologists at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital led to the withdrawal of accreditation for the medical school in 2005. Edem said the demand of parity by the scientists was uncalled for, insisting that the law establishing medical laboratories in teaching hospitals in the country stipulates that only medical doctors could head the department.
He said the crisis could have serious consequences on the public if the scientists continued to harass the pathologists. He demanded that criminal charges be brought against those who attacked his members. He appealed to the scientists to allow the panel set up to investigate the crisis to do its job, rather than undermining the work of the panel.
The running battle between laboratory scientists and pathologists over who should head the laboratory unit led the management of the university to warn the scientists against trying to disrupt activities in the teaching hospital.

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