Communique Issued at the End of 42nd Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM)

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The 42nd scientific conference and annual general meeting was held at Crawford University, Igbesa Ogun State from 3rd to 6th September 2019. The conference was declared open by the hosting vice chancellor of Crawford University, Prof. Isaac Rotimi Ajayi ably represented by the Ag. Vice chancellor Prof. Patrick Yalokun and his management team, microbiologist from the academic, research institute, government agencies, corporate organization and students from within and outside the country. The theme of the conference was “Microbial Resources: A veritable option for economic diversification”. The conference discussions brought to bear the innate potentials inherent in microbes, capable of triggering and sustaining national economic transformation.

In the current era, where nations dependent on mono-economy are at the brink of collapse, economic diversification remains the only viable option for national survival. In this regard, microoranisms provide enormous resources that developing countries such as Nigeria could exploit to improve their economic base, especially with the astronomic rose in human population. The conference highlighted the prominent roles of microbes in industrials production, food security, job creation etc.

Nigerian Society for Microbiology (NSM)

Plenary and technical session addressed the following sub-themes;

  1. Microbes as agents of bio-entrepreneurship
  2. Super bugs for super drugs
  3. Super bugs for environmental reclamation
  4. Microbes and food security
  5. Microbes in the omics era


The conference made the following observations;

  1. Developing countries such as Nigeria are yet to recognize the economic potentials in microbes, which can bring about the tremendous transformation of the economy.
  2. The Nigeria populace attach more value to foreign products, to the determent of locally produced goods, thereby promoting importation and discouraging indigenization of technology.
  3. There is poor collaboration between the industries and the universities and research institutes which would have culminated in huge economic benefits to the nation.
  4. Microbes can be utilized in the improvement of food quality and preservation
  5. Microbes were recognized as factories, inputs to factories and products of industries which can be used as MMM (Money Making Microbes).

Resolutions and Recommendations:

The conference adopted the following resolutions and recommendations:

  1. Government and corporate agencies should come to terms with the fact that microbes possess enormous economic potentials that could enhance the economic base of the nation.
  2. Government and corporate agencies should appreciate the fact that microbiologist in Nigeria are capable of unearthing the vast array of potentials in microorganisms towards the economic recovery. Government and corporate agencies should see the need to support and collaborate the universities and research institutes in terms of provision of facilities and equipment, conduct of problem-solving research etc.
  3. There should be a paradigm shift in the overall orientation of Nigerians, especially in terms of value attached to indigenous products.
  4. Microbiologists should gradually shift from basic research to applied research and input entrepreneurial orientation to training of microbiologists. This will undoubtedly encourage the conduct of problem-solving research and can positively change the economy of the country.
  5. Agencies and government should devote more funds for microbiology research that could generate product and create wealth.
  6. The microbes recognized as MMMs (Money Making Microbes) such as Pleurotus spp., bacillus Thuringiensis, yeasts, Azotobacter etc. should be harnessed in the drive for economic diversification.


Dr. Shade Agbaje-Daniels

LOC Chairperson

Dr. U.A. Dutsinma


Prof. M.B. Yerima

NSM President

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