Perioperative/Theatre Nurse Vacancies at Summit Orthopaedic hospital

On 17/Aug/2019 / In Hospital Jobs

Summit Orthopaedic hospital is a start up company dedicated to providing cutting edge solutions to bone and joint problems.

Job Description

• We are looking for a competent Nurse/ physician assistant to assist surgeons during operations and keep the operating room sterile at all times.

• They need to possess phenomenal efficiency and attention to detail with a strong knowledge of operation procedures and patient safety. Being compassionate and sensitive is a prerequisite for the profession. The ideal candidate goes one step further by being a critical thinker, fast to act in emergencies.



• Assess patients prior to surgery e.g. NPO status and alleviate their concerns

• Gather all supplies needed for the operation

• Assume responsibility of keeping the operating room sterilized

• Position and prepare patient on operating table

• Pass medical instruments or other objects to the surgeon during operation

• Monitor patient’s vital signs to detect anomalies

• Evaluate patient in postoperative phases

• Adhere to safety standards and precautions

• Assume duties within or out of the sterile field as assigned

• Assessing patients prior to surgery and alleviating their concerns

• Gathering all supplies needed for the operation

• Assuming responsibility of keeping the operating room sterilized

• Communicate with physicians, LPNs, radiologists and other medical professionals

• Track and maintain medical supply inventory along with other staff members

• Full-time role will include providing a full range of duties including:

• Proven experience as operating room nurse circulating and scrub

• Excellent knowledge of aseptic and sterile techniques

• Solid understanding of patient safety and precautions

• In-depth knowledge of surgical operation procedures

• Outstanding organizational ability

• A great team player with excellent communication skills

• Cool tempered with emotional and physical stamina

Minimum Qualification

• Bachelor's Degree/HND

• Other Requirements:

Must possess the current license 

Basic knowledge of the role

Experience in perioperative Nursing is desirable  

Resident in Lagos, preferably Egbeda and its environs.


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