The Threat And Proliferation Of Quackery By Private Hospitals of Quacks In Abia State By Nnena RN

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Its no news that a facility in Lagos state called Aishat Specialist Hospital located in Lagos state had its day in the media when flyers celebrating the impending graduation of its "Auxilliaries designated as nurses" on the 13th of July 2019. The funny part of the quack training facility according to some sources is that to gain admission, the participants are expected to pay a fee of about N20,000 and the facilities management would pay the students who gain admission about N2000 through out their stay and the best would be retained at the facility or sent out to others for recruitment.
Now that is Lagos, lets take a detour to my state; "Abia", specifically "ABA" 
In case you werent aware,  i would like to bring to your notice dear readers of the high rate of unqualified nurses in most private hospitals in this town. In a way, its a bit of a death trap to be honest.
As an experienced and educated nurse, my profession is the best and needs to be guided with all I have, it was a bad experience in Abia state of Nigeria the number of Auxiliary/Eliza nurses that has now made it very difficult for fully trained and qualified nurses to get a job.
The hospitals are no longer accepting most Registered nurses, due to the higher number of Auxiliary nursing practicing in some of these hospitals. In years times past, as a child I could cleary remember one of the best hospitals in Aba was the New Era Hospital located off Ogbor Hill, by Azikiwe road which had clearly specified roles for all its healthcare providers from Doctors to Pharmacists down to Nurses and "Auxiliaries/Nurse Helpers". 
When you arrive at the hospital, you would unavoidably notice the Nurses were always in their sparkling white uniforms and yes then they had the caps on too, and the auxilliaries always called "Eliza Nurse" were on "Light blue or pink" uniforms. Then you clearly knew who was whom and who exactly was caring for you. 
But now every "Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane and Ada" all wear the white uniform and get to be called nurses irrespective of if they spent 5 years, 3 years or 2 weeks learning. Now, New Era seems to be a fading shadow of its former self amongst many.
Dear colleagues, we need to take drastic steps to save our profession and careers, so that some hospitals can be able to put up the required personels and encourage education in the profession not to mention getting these facilities to actually hire qualified personel to save lives of their patients.
To the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, NMCN Rep for Abia State and the National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives Abia State Chapter I sincerely recommend that you take a drastic steps to monitor some of the hospitals and advice them the importance of adequate manpower in the health sector.
We need to take some steps also to ensure that any hospital that uses unqualified nurses have to be sanction and face the law. Not just to pay a paltry fine and open right back up.
The government need to put a tasforce to look at this unprotected and unprofessional practice by some Doctors in Abia state using their hospitals to train Auxiliary nurses, just to make a quick buck to the detriment of the public instead of requesting that such persons actually go to schools.
I know its quite frustrating that in other states which try to put a stop to this dasterdly action by unscrupulous persons, all they end up doing is paying the chicken change fines and they are back open the very next day. You might ask or say "well why dont you take the bull by the horn yourself and try to put a stop to them recruiting and training such persons?", well the simple answer is you might get beaten and tossed out on your back side if you are lucky enough because you have no backing from your national body/organization.
Its quite simple, either we at the very least try to put a stop to this or it gets so big and blown out of propotion that no matter what we do we might end up not making a dent to this blood money making venture and yes this also goes out to my fellow nurses who also train and recruit quacks in thier facilities.
Quackery is the bane of development of any society or profession, not in the medical practice alone. It is a danger to society. Patients always commit their lives in the hands of their Nurses and the Doctors but once they are not saved, then we are all endangered. If not us, then its our children and those yet to be born.
Quod Erat Demonstrandum

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