Exploring Investment Opportunities in Medical Business Environment

On 13/Jun/2019 / In Medical News

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elshcon Group Of Companies, Chairman Princess Medi-Clinics Limited, Chairman Clearline International Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) and Immediate Past President, Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Emi Membere-Otaji, has presented a blueprint on exploring the investment opportunities in the medical business environment of Nigeria.
Membere-Otaji as part of activities to mark his 61 birthday on June 10 made the presentation at the 41st Annual International Conference Of The Association Of General And Private Medical Practitioners Of Nigeria (AGPMPN) in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.
He said Nigeria has a population of about 190 million people, with an annual population growth of three per cent and the country’s current statistics shows that Nigeria is in the unenviable bottom percentile in the hunger, misery and human development index.
Membere-Otaji said with the above facts, it is obvious that there are bound to be health challenges in so many scopes and extent needing the attention of the healthcare practitioners.
Also, he said, Nigeria has over the decades, dependent on oil and gas that accounts for over 90 per cent of our foreign exchange and 70 per cent of our exports. Membere-Otaji added: “Today the significance of oil and gas in the global economy is being seriously challenged by renewable energy; thus the fall in oil price and the negative future outlook of crude oil relevance.
“Today, Governments and serious individuals are looking beyond oil and navigating in other paths of diversification of their economies.”
He said it is therefore no brainer, from all the above, that significant opportunities abound in the country to keep the teeming, Nigerians healthy by healthcare entrepreneurs providing solutions and running their businesses.
“Always looking for and identifying legitimate opportunities.Thus creating wealth and employment, either as start-ups or doing what is on ground differently for better productivity or performance. The entrepreneur is a risk taker as he creates the process and makes legitimate profit from the business ventures created therefrom, often building it from bottom-up,” Membere-Otaji added..
Membere-Otaji said like any other industry, funding, inadequate infrastructure including poor power supply, insecurity, some actions/inactions and policy flip flops of the various tiers of government may hamper ease of doing business, but they are to an extent, surmountable. Also, he said, healthcare policy and regulatory administration in the country are major challenges.
Membere-Otaji said there are a lot of opportunities in the healthcare value chain. In the light of the above, he said,one can play in any of the healthcare value chain in the country; some of which are listed below: Specialist and General Outpatient Clinics; Hospitals; Pharmaceutical Distribution Services; Retail Pharmacy; Medical Laboratory Services; Radiology Services including Scanning centres; Medical Emergency Evacuation Services; Health Insurance Services; Healthcare Personnel Training Institutes; Health Management Systems Providers; DNA Testing Facility; Egg and Sperm Banks; Medical Waste Disposal Services; Laboratory and Medical Equipment and Accessories Supplies and Repairs; Assisted Reproduction Clinics.
Others include: Medical Billing Services; Physiotherapy Services; Fitness and Health Club; Weight Loss Clinics; Body Enhancement Services; Home Care Services (for the elderly, disabled, etc.); Mobile Medical Screening (mini-health clinic in motion); and aSkin Care Centres.
Membere-Otaji said these varied services and opportunities can fit into various geographic and economic (urban, rural, poor or rich) neighbourhoods, in a no one cap fits all, model.

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