Dearth of Trained Childbirth Attendants Causing Maternal Mortality - Afolabi

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The Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the University of Lagos College of Medicine, Prof Bosede Afolabi, has said that the dearth of trained childbirth attendants in Nigerian hospitals is the leading cause of maternal mortality in the country.
Afolabi stated this during an advanced emergency obstetrics training course developed by the Advanced Life Support Group and held at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba on Monday.
She said, “When people visit places where there is no trained personnel, it increases the rate of maternal mortality. If we must curb this atrocity, we must encourage people to visit trained personnel. However, when you reach the hospital, because of lack of coordination and because the women have gone to other places where there are unskilled personnel, and they have not been managed appropriately, by the time they get to the hospital, they are very far along and they are almost close to extremist -losing their lives.”
Afolabi described the training as very vital at the moment stating that training for emergency during pregnancy is one of the most vital means to save lives.
“The training is geared towards the fine point of saving women lives during emergencies that occur during pregnancies. Training for emergency during pregnancy is one of the known ways of saving lives and it doesn’t mean that we don’t already know how to save women life, it just means that whenever you train for an emergency using a specific drill and a structured manner you are likely to save more lives than when you do it in an unstructured manner,” she said.
According to her, “the more training we have, the wider the coverage, the more we begin to see the impact of such training. It is important that all professional should have at least an annual drill. So, we should empower ourselves to have a training the trainer course at least, once a year.”
Also speaking at the event, the Medical Director of KAAF Maternity Centre, University of Lagos, Dr Adesumbo Odeseye said, “The course has given us an avenue to improve on what we know already and to directly impact the lives of the women we attend to. This is a perfect way of bringing the UK to Nigeria.”

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