Nigerian Institute of Medical Research SANGER Sequencing Workshop

On 22/Oct/2017 / In Training/Workshop/Conference

Sequencing is increasingly becoming part of our research in sub-Saharan Africa as is other molecular techniques. It is providing more data and helping scientists figure out underlying genetic or genomic factors for the organism of interest. 
This workshop will focus on Sanger sequencing, which has clinical utility and often used to confirm next-generation sequencing results. The workshop will be mainly laboratory-based with hands-on and with some lectures and tutorials. The intent is for participants to understand the workflow for Sanger sequencing and the variables that determine success. Obviously, everyone may not have access to a genetic analyzer. Consequently, we will lay emphasis on pre- and post-sequencing aspects of the workflow that participants will be able to perform and control within their laboratories, ensuring higher success rate with samples sent for sequencing outside their laboratory. Furthermore, this workshop will boost participants’ ability to communicate all aspects of their work with confidence and understanding. 
The workshop will cover a) Sample extraction using kits b) Reverse transcription PCR and Nest PCR c) Different PCR Clean-up methods d) Evaluating and quantifying PCR products e) Cycle Sequencing and Sequence clean-up methods f) ABI runs, sequence assembly and base calling g) Sequence QC/QA and basic sequence analysis 
h) Troubleshooting 
HIV-1 strains and tuberculosis isolates will be sequenced during the workshop and used for the subsequent sequence analysis. During lectures, the principles of each day’s practical work will be discussed 
Learning Outcomes:  We expect participants will: 
1. Gain hands-on experience and an appreciation of a wide array of molecular methodologies. 
2. Appreciate the advantages and pitfalls of each method, and can troubleshoot them. 
3. Can purchase sequence analysis software at discounted price. 
Course Instructors:  
1. Chika Onwuamah, CHVG, Microbiology Department, NIMR 
2. Wayne Barnes, Thermofisher Developing Manager for Africa 
3. Azuka Okwuraiwe, CHVG, Microbiology Department, NIMR 
Course Organizers and Sponsors:  This workshop is organized by Centre for Human Virology and Genomics in collaboration with Thermo Scientific/Unique Instruments and Science Co. Ltd. 
1. Anthonio Aversente, Thermofisher Business Development Manager, France 
2. Bayo Adeyeloja, CEO, Unique Instruments, Nigeria (Themofisher Representative) 
3. Rotimi Olumuyiwa, Unique Instruments, Marketing Executive 
Invited Guest Speakers:  To be confirmed 
Workshop fees:  The workshop fee is =N=100,000.00 to cover workshop materials and meals only. The workshop space is limited to 15 participants. 
How to apply and register for the workshop:  Intending participants are to go the NIMR website, download and fill the online workshop application form. Download procedure for payment to NIMR workshops. Use this procedure to pay the workshop fee. Thereafter scan and send both the application form and the payment receipt to 
Prerequisites and target audience  We will assume participants have basic knowledge of molecular biology. Participants will need a Windows laptop with spreadsheet suite for the post-sequencing analysis. 
Target audience are undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, residents and people interested in carrying out such research work in the future. Deadline for application and payment is 9th November 2017. 
Contact us: For Workshop inquiries: Dr. Onwuamah (08037191387, For more information on Thermofisher Sequencing products etc.: Unique Instruments and Science Co. Ltd Phones: 08033010234, 07068231471 

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