West AFrican College of Surgery Guidelines on Repeat of Dissertation Topics in the Faculty of Surgery

On 18/Jul/2017 / In Press Publications

In response to recent episodes of disqualification of candidates’ Proposal topics and a need to ensure that candidates do not continue to repeat research works and questions already done and settled in the region, the Faculty Board and the Faculty discussed and approved some guidelines to help candidates and their trainers to avoid these unfortunate events. All trainees and their trainers are advised to take note of the following
1. The list of Dissertation/Proposal topics approved or completed in the Faculty is already published on the College website and will be updated at regular intervals. Candidates are advised to take note of these topics to avoid unacceptable repetition of research work with attendant risk of plagiarism.
2. The Faculty can allow repetition of dissertation/proposal topics if the following two conditions are both fulfilled:
a. Such topics must be different/separated from the previous one in space or time. A minimum time period of ten years should separate the proposed work from the previous one or the two works should not be conducted in the same area of the region.
b. The proposed new work must have a gap in knowledge not addressed/covered by the previous work which the current one hopes to fill. Where the current proposed work is an exact copy of the previous one, there must be a strong justification for a repeat of the previous work.
3. Candidates and their trainers are generally advised to avoid exact repeat of previous works since the Faculty has a default attitude of not allowing such works go on and they raise a red flag for plagiarism and fraudulent copying.
Thank you
Prof. Ezeome E.R.
Faculty Chairman

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