Fee Hike: NMA Appeals to Candidates Preparing for the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria Examination

On 18/Jul/2017 / In Press Publications

Recall that following the announcements of an upward review of the fees for the NPMCN exams, the NMA waded in and issued a statement to members calling for calm and also advising the college to revert to status quo as the increment was ill timed and down without widespread consultation
We have had further engagements with the HMH where we reminded him of the precarious situation of salaries payment these days especially for resident doctors. Also mentioned to him was the issue of non sponsorship of residency training by virtually all training institutions across the country 
In view of these and other reasons we requested of him to intervene. The HMH is intervening but the president of NPMCN has no power to revert or reduce the fees but promised to present our appeal letter to the board which is the appropriate body to review such decison. Unfortunatelty, all these will happen after the october exams
It is our hope that the college will heed to our appeal and do the needful at the next available opportunity in order to reduce the burden on candidates. We therefore wish to appeal to candidates to bear the cricustancemedicalworldnigeria.com and give the HMH and the college sometime while we promise to sustain our engatments towards a downward review of the fees hike
We wish all prospective candidates luck in the october november exams 
Thank You
Dr Mike Ogirima 

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