ARD LAUTECH Teaching Hosptial, Ogbomoso Warns: Just Before It Becomes Inevitable!!

On 23/Jul/2017 / In Press Publications

LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Ogbomoso has continued to ensure proper and enviable health care for the populace despite the mitigating factors. This has sadly been smothered by the perennial and seemingly recalcitrant financial cum political incapacitation from the state government. 
Previous press release had stated these problems but alas the same old story is being told. Approved projects are not implemented in the hospital due to bureaucratic bottlenecks in the release of funds. 
Equipment yet to be delivered as well as not installed. Future of medical students who train are jeopardised both clinically and a doubtful sustenance of accreditation for training looms as the day goes by couple with the medical students having to spend donkey years.
We have vehemently rejected the payment of percentage salary since the payment of January 2016 salary which was paid in August 2016. Evidence abounds to this unlawful and inconsiderate slash in remuneration of the state government. We have repeatedly written letters, paid visits and made appeal to all that matter in Oyo state government. Attempts at meeting with the state Governor was met with brick wall. WE ARE OWED ELEVEN MONTH SALARY AS WE WRITE. WE DO HOPE FOR REVERSAL ALONGSIDE PAYMENT OF THE ARREARS OF SALARIES BEING OWED WITH THE RECENT PARIS FUND RELEASE. We insist being paid what is obtainable in federal teaching hospital as is written in the edict of the hospital as anything contrary totally negates the contract of our employment.
This sad experience typifies the sheer neglect of the populace that translates into poor health indices in the nation. This ranges from insufficient budgetary allocation for health to non implementation of allocated funds for actualisation of the zenith of enviable health care delivery within the hospital and the state.
We call on all stakeholders, religious leaders, and political leaders to wade into this flagrant disregard for the health of the populace before it becomes too late.
Signed: Dr Sebastine Oiwoh President                    
Dr Ayobami Alabi General Secretary

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