Zoll Medical Corporation X-series Defibrillators

On 09/Mar/2017 / In Medical Technical Facilities

Manufacturer: Zoll Medical Corporation The X-series is designed specifically for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). It’s based on a platform developed for the military and air medical operations and because of this reason, the X-series rises to a new standard in ruggedness and durability. Although the X-series is half the size and weight of other full-featured monitors/defibrillators it’s a lot more powerful and its compatibility doesn’t compromise its display size, capability, or performance.


  • Unequalled CPR support. CPR Dashboard™ displays CPR quality in real time, andSee-Thru CPR® can help you minimize the length of pauses.
  • Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB capabilities for data uploads and cell modem communication.
  • Split-screen capability. Simultaneously view a dynamic multi-lead ECG while reviewing a static 12-lead ECG report.
  • Display up to four waveforms of your choice or all 12 ECG leads simultaneously.

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