Open Letter to Alhaji T.Y Raheem, National President Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria

On 08/Jan/2015 / In Articles

My Dear “National President”,
This is my first missive to you after the Presidential election in Akure which I “lost” under subterranean circumstances that was created to short circuit the system that produce the current NEOs. Today, that has since been confined to historical and political archive.
The real reason for this communication is to draw your attention to the real threats that will soon consume the very fabric and subsequently destroy the foundation of medical laboratory science practice in Nigeria, a medical rape and the decimation of medical laboratory science practice in Africa and indeed the world.
The immediate implication of this report on our practice is summarized briefly.
1. The hard earn autonomy of medical laboratory practice will be sacrificed on a platter of pottage and alter of silence on the part of the NEOs.
2. The hard earn Act 11, 2003 will be confined to the bin of history, why then did we spend long hours toiling to get the National Assembly to pass this law?.
3. The scheme of service would long be out of the reach of medical laboratory scientists, we would have to revert to our subservient position of 60s and late 90s.
4. Africa and indeed the world admire the progress made by the MLSCN, the adoption Act 11, 2003 as a legal framework by Africa Heads of state will disappear just like vapour; what then are we going to live for except to commit professional suicide?. We are already in the suicide bag created by Yayale Ahmed waiting to be ignited by Mr. President.
bssey enya
5. One only viable option open the us is also summarized briefly:
a. Our lawyer should immediately send a caveat emptor asking Mr. President to stop further action on the report of that committee.
b. We should immediately institute court process in a viable court of competent jurisdiction seeking among other things a declaration that the entire proceeding and report of the committee is null and void and without any effect what so ever on medical laboratory science practice in Nigeria.
c. Ask the court to establish whether Mr. President has powers to set up the Yayale Ahmed committee. Part of the terms of reference of the committee is injurious to extant laws which Mr. President has no power to alter except through the National Assembly. 
Finally, My “National President” the NEO seem to be clueless and instead waiting on JOHESU. We must act now or the Yayale Ahmed Tsunamis will consume us all, AMLSN has enough financial capacity to act. Please act!!!
Bassey Enya, PhD

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