Nutrition Society of Nigerai Endorses Grand Pure Soya Oil

On 30/Sep/2014 / In Medical News

The Nutrution Sciety Nigeria (NSN) has endorsed Grand Pure Soya Oil, one of the flagship brands of Grand Cereals Limited, a subsidiary of UAC Nigeria Plc. This is the second time the brand will be enjoying this kind of endorsement from a professional body having been endorsed about nine years ago by the Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF) as a 'heart-friendly oil.
 Speaking at the Endorsement at the Endorsement Certificate presentation ceremony, the Marketing Manager of Grand Cereals Limited, Mr. Tope Banjo expressed the company's delight at the endorsement saying it was the result of the investments made on the brand over the years both in packaging and quality.
" Our effort is to ensure we deliver better value to our consumers; an unending quest to be better than whatever else is being offered in the market place.
 "This quest has imposed standards on us, these standards, though exerting, have been fully embraced by us and the result is such high- profile endorsements by reputed professional bodies such as the NHF  and now the NSN."
He urged consumers to be more discerning about the source of their cooking oil stating that soya beans seed is a single whole source of 'complete protein .'
 "Oils from soya bean seeds are odourless, fumeless and flawless in nature, healthy and don't oxidize easily," Banjo said.
 Emphasizing that not all acclaimed heart-friendly oils were healthy in the long run, he appealed to consumers to cultivate the habit of checking the labels on the bottles of oil before buying as it will help them get information on the source of the oil. He noted that most recent brands in the market are made from palm oil which is not as healthy as soya oil.
 He said that Grand Pure Soya Oil is trans fat-free and contains polyunsaturated fats which help in the control of boold cholesterol (HDL).
 According to the marketing manager, Grand Pure Soya Oil does not foam and does nor fume nor congeal even at very low temperatures 
The oil comes in 0.75 and 2.75- litre PET bottles as well as 4,10 and 18 litres jerry-cans.
ENDORSEMENT - From left: Prof.Mgozi Nnam (FNSN), National President, Nutrition Society of Nigeria Tope Banjo, Marketing
Manager, Grand Cereals Limited, Makers of Grand Pure Soya Oil and Uzoma Obialor, Regional Manager, South-East 1 of Grand Pure 
Soya Oil by Nutrition Society of Nigeria.

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