The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – An $80 Million Fad By Abdu Adamu

On 28/Aug/2014 / In Articles

Smart ideas give me goose bumps! And that is what happened immediately I saw videos of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on various social media platforms. What started as a simple challenge has gone beyond viral – it has drenched the internet with jolly good people mostly celebrities from all over the world pouring ice cold water on themselves just to raise money for a disease called ALS and unless you live under a rock you must have seen it too. 
This chain reaction of “I dare you” is probably one of the smartest fund raising ideas of the century as it has raised over $80 million for ALS as states in TIMES. 
ALS is an acronym for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It is a debilitating neurodegenerative disease that has no cure. According to the CDC, doctors in the United States tell an estimated 5000 people that they have this disease every year. It is poorly researched and efforts to develop treatment are slow due to lack of funding thence the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And so far it’s been a tremendous success. 
In Nigeria, where ALS is called Motor Neurone Disease as is with other commonwealth country got a fair number of her celebrities participating in this challenge although ALS is rarely diagnosed in the country. 
Imagine what will happen if Nigerians initiate this style of campaign for malnutrition. After all, majority of paediatric hospitalizations are related to poor nutrition and diseases like HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis are often complicated by malnutrition. Imagine how many children and adults we can save with this money. 
The Ice Bucket Challenge has definitely launched a new era of “outside the box” ideas of fund raising. What is the next big idea? And what will it focus on? #FingersCrossed   
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