Public Notice: Save the Children Conference Scam

On 14/Jul/2014 / In Medical News

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (July 11, 2014) — It has come to our attention that there is a fake conference associated with our name being spread on LinkedIn, Skype and public email services such as Gmail and Hotmail. This is a scam and not officially associated with "Save the Children Summit/Children Foundation (SCS/CF)" or "Save the Children Organization USA". The phishing scheme purports to invite you as a colleague to a nonexistent global conference or convention. “The global Congress meeting against Child abuse and war-affected children” claims to be scheduled to take place in various locales such as Chicago, US, Dakar, Senegal, or Nigeria in July or August-September. Subject lines include INVITATION TO ATTEND WORLD CONVENTION (WCSTC) 2014 and SAVE THE CHILDREN/SCHOOL GIRLS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE INVITATION USA 2014.‏
If you receive an invitation to attend such a conference, please do not reply to it and forward it to immediately. We will review each inquiry and forward them to our internal counsel for further investigation and possible legal action as appropriate.
We apologize for any inconvenience this scam has caused. We are victims just as you are but if we are vigilant and band together, we can notify others and minimize the chance that this scam does not grow and spread.
Thank you for your attention.

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