Da'awah Co-ordination Council of Nigeria (DCCN) Urges Doctors to Call Off Strike for Ramadan

On 15/Jul/2014 / In Medical News

The Da'awah co-ordination council of nigeria (DCCN) yesterday appealed to doctors to suspend their current strike for the sake of humanity and in the spirit of the ramadan fast.
DCCN National president, Alhaji lawal maidoki made the appeal in sokoto yesterday. Though the doctors have their own reasons for the strike, we believe negotiations through labour unions and other industrial mediation teams should be given another chance he said.
Maidoki said though they appreciate the reasons given by the doctors and the efforts made to dialogue with government, they should sympathise with their patients and call off the strike
We pray that they remember their oat of honesty as well as supporting universal access to medical care without discrimination to suspend the strike. The patients are directly suffering and bearing the consequences of the tussle which they cannot do anything to resolve. he added.
Maidoki who is also the chairman, sokoto state zakat and endownment committee, commended the doctors on the payroll of the sokoto state government for not joining the strike

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