Consultant Appellations in Hospital Setting is Not Right - Dr. Faduyile, NMA Chairman

On 15/Jul/2014 / In Medical News

In an interview with the Chairman of the NMA Lagos State branch, Dr. Francis Faduyile spoke with Good Health Weekly, Excerpts of their responses are reproduced below.
We can no longer trust the government judging from its activities in the past. We could not suspend the strike because when we looked at the documents that the negotiating team discussed and brought with the government. We observed that there are so many areas that are very ambiguous and the issues that we needed to get what we requested for were not fully addressed. We observed that in recent time that the government is in the habit of saying I will do this for you and you will come back in another three months and they will still be on the same spot. So it is better for us to resolve issues once and for all so that we do not go in and out of strike action. Athough government has almost met all the demands, we cannot take such a risk to avoid a repeat of the strike in the future.
Areas still in contention: For instance, government views on the issue of directorate, the Act that sets up Teaching Hospital stated that you can only have three directors. Even with these three directorates we have areas where we have many directors like Ife, they have just appointed a director and if you are saying three directors and you see people having that, and we have not seen you taking concerted effort, it just looks to us that the Minister is playing hide and seek.
NMA is not saying anybody cannot be consultant but, yes, in a hospital setting, those appellations are not right. In those places where there are consultants, they are not within pure hospital setting. These are the things we want them to clarify in black and white so that we do not come again in another two months and start another argument or crisis.
Budget: They signed circular in January, up till to date, they have not effected it. They said it is because they want to add it into the budget but after the budget was done they said is not in the budget.
We did not argue, now that we discuss with them they now said they will look at how it will be in the next six weeks for us to come and sit down and see how far they have gone. This is what we did not agree with because earlier on, they did not show any commitment or present any clear documentation.
Sympathy with patients: The case of the patients is actually pathetic. It is a pity we are on strike. The doctors love the patient and we want to work. However, if we continue this way, patients will suffer more in future than what we are suffering now in the hospital. So it is good for us to once and for all clear it so that we can have a better patient management in future. Government has done much but they can do more if they show some commitment.”

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