Nigerian Union of Allied Health Professionals - No Strike Action for Now

On 06/Jun/2014 / In Medical News

Mr O.C. Ogbonna is the National General Secretary, Nigerian Union of Allied Health Professionals (NUAHP/NUPMTPAM). He spoke to a Correspondent on the status quo as regards the June 5 ultimatum issued to the federal Government.
Speaking during a phone interview on the meeting between the union and the federal government, He said all went well and the union was able to make progress on their earlier position. Some circulars were released yesterdays which include the medical laboratory science interns placement on CONHESS 8 STEP 2. Also the issue of adjustment of salary is also receiving appropriate attention and is now with the federal ministry of health, the salary and wages having done their own bit and is now for the federal ministry of health to take it to the presidency to endorse before circularization. The consultancy status of our members have been restored and those who have been consultants can now collect the specialist allowance, our members in the various hospitals who are qualified as consultants can write their managements demanding such appointments so they can benefit in the  specialist allowance.
On the issue of skipping of CONHESS 10 arears, the government had done the financial implications such that they need to discuss further on how each hospital can fund and pay the arears owed.
On the promotion of members from CONHESS 14 to 15, he told the correspondent that the various CEO's of the hospitals have been urged to liase with their boards to ensure that the promotions are done. they are going to collate the numbers of hospitals that have not done it inorder to sanction them.
On the issue of the contentious position of DCMAC, he said that the appointment has stopped for now with those already in the position to remain till the end of their tenure afterwhich no further appointments should be made. the matter has also been refered to the yahale ahmed committee, the government was given 4 weeks for another meeting to see how far they have gone with all the issues.

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