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Consultancy Opportunity Vacancies- Consultants for Rapid Impact Assessment and Ep-Analysis For The Global Fund New  Funding mechanism, and National M&E Plan Development
The National Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP) of the FMoH, in collaboration with its development partners has concentrated its efforts on scaling-up key antimalarial interventions. NMEP has received funding from the World Bank, the Global Fund (GF) to implement the R8 Malaria Control Project aimed at contributing to the achievement of the national targets on prevention, diagnosis and treatment; and other partners like ; PMI/USAID and DFID.These unprecedented resources enabled the Programme to fight malaria for the five-year period of the current Strategic Plan for Malaria Control in the country (2009-2013). The major interventions include: i) change in treatment policy from chloroquine to ACT (since May 2005), ii) universal coverage of all populations with LLINs during 2009-2013, distributing over 64 million lUNs to cover 37 States (at ratio of 2 LLINs per household) to date. Such investments and scale-up of interventions call for 
measurement of impact rigorously, and timely and gathering of epidemiological data for new funding requests especially under the New Funding Mechanism (NFM) of the GF. 
The new National Strategic Plan for Malaria Control in Nigeria (NMSP), 2014 - 2020, has outlined massive scaling up of interventions for impact (SUFI). Owing to such massive deployment of effective interventions, it is expected that the epidemiologic profile of malaria in the country will change. In view of this, there is need for a National M&E plan that will provide robust guide for monitoring and evaluation of the strategic plan, and to encourage implementers to focus on intended programme results. It will also serve as a tool for early identificotioncf gaps and potential implementation bottlenecks as well as provide a basis for adjustments and reprogramming for improved outcomes. 
NMEP therefore seeks to recruit two very qualified and competent consultants for rapid impact assessment and epi-analysis for the Global Fund new funding mechanism, and National M&E plan development 
Interested candidates may obtain detailed terms of reference for each of the positions at the NMEP website:
Scope of work 
The epl- analysis for Nigeria will involve the following 
1. Assessment of the quality and availability of data (program reviews- programmatic challenges/ opportunities and lessons learnt; surveys, HMIS, lIMS, evaluations or assessments etc) and the investments needed to improve measurement of disease burden 
2. A review of trends of available epidemiological data (disease incidence, prevalence, mortality) nationally and, where feasible, for sub national areas and subpopulations 
3. An assessment of whether observed trends in disease burden can be plausibly related to programmatic efforts 
The consultant will be expected to commit a minimum of 6 weeks to 
• Assess the quality and availability of data (program reviews, surveys, HMIS, LIMS, evaluations or assessments etc) and the investments needed to improve measurement of disease burden 
• Support the conduct of a Rapid Impact Assessment (RIA) aimed at using facility-based in-patient and out-patient malaria data to document trends in malaria infection from 2002 to 2013 and compare this to the period during which malaria interventions were scaled-up in twelve States, and specifically 
• Commence data cleaning and analysis as soon as data collection is concluded by mid- February, 2014 
• complete cleaning and analysis of data within 2 weeks of data collection with tables and charts of results available for review 
• Produce preliminary report as soon as review is completed 
• Submit final data sets for RIA by 3rd week of February 2014 
• Submit final RIA report 
• Assess whether observed trends in disease burden can be plausibly related to programmatic 
• Identify specific recommendations for action against malaria as derived from the findings 
• Report of desk-top epi-analysis by 28th Feb. 2014. Clean data sets for the RIA survey by 21 st Feb. 2014 
• Tables and charts of results by 28th Feb 2014 
• Report of Rapid Impact Assessment with recommendations for action by 1 st Week March 2014 
Expertise required 
• Post-graduate degree in Public Health/Epidemiology 
• Atleast 5 years' experience in data analysis, research and data management 
• A demonstrated high level of professionalism and on ability to work independently in high pressure situations under tight deadlines 
• Experience in Rapid Impact Assessment in Nigeria (or other African country)with a broad base in research with evidence of previous RIA conducted 
• High proficiency in report writing 
• Ability to work with a wide variety of stakeholders, including representatives of larget populations 
• Experience in qualitative and quantitative research 
Specific Tasks for the Consultant/Technical Assistant 
The Technical Support Consultant/Assistant should support the NMEP to: 
• Conduct desk review: Review the Malaria Strategic Plan 2014-2020 and work plans of NMEP to ascertain the targets, goals, objectives, activities and indicators. 
• Review all available reports/documents on NMEP M&E system including that of the SWOT analysis of the M&E system using the GF M&E system-strengthening tool, the National M&E framework for malaria control, Plan to Strengthen the National Malaria Reporting System etc. 
• Develop the National M&E plan for the NMSP 2014- 2020. This should include the M&E matrix. The development process should be as consultative and inclusive of all relevant stakeholders to ensure ownership and buy-in. 
• Develop an M&E work plan: Based on the above matrix and strategies, develop a detailed M&E work plan specifying the activities, means of verification, defining responsibilities, the time frame, and budget to operationalize the M&E plan work 
• Build consensus on the M&E plan within the RBM partnership and elicit buying/commitments of all implementers (partners, donors, other relevant programmes and stakeholders) to the M&E Plan as part of the principle of the three 'ones'. 
1. Finalized National Malaria Programme M&E Plan by 28th February 2014. 
2. A costed Annual Operational Plan for M&E by 28th February 2014. 
3. A report of the process by 28th February 2014. 
Qualifications and experience 
1. Post-graduate qualification in Public Health or Epidemiology or Health Policy Development or Health Management and Planning 
2. At least 7 years cognate working experience in M&E of malaria programmes or health systems 
3. Requisite international experience in development of Country M&E Plans with a good knowledge of the Nigerian health systems and specific monitoring and evaluation skills 
4. Successful participation in Malaria Programme Review and Malaria Strategic Plan Development will be an advantage 
5. Team player and able to work under pressure. 
Reporting arrangements 
• In carrying out the assignment, the consultant is expected to consult with and work closely with the M&E branch and the other key Branches of NMEP with strong reference from the NMSP 2014-2020. 
• The consultant shall operate under the general supervision of the Notional Coordinator, National Malaria Elimination Programme through the Head, M&E branch. 
National Malaria Elimination Programme, Abia House, Central Business Area, Abuja. 
The maximum number of days worked in this period will be 30 working days. 
To be determined 
Interested individuals are required to submit the following to the address indicated below: 
• A detailed CV that shows evidence of relevant qualifications 
• Letter of motivation 
The above should be submitted in an envelope with the position being applied for dearly written on the right upperpart of the envelope and submitted by courier to the office of: 
The National Coordinator 
National Malaria Elimination Programme 
1st Floor, Abia House, Central Business District, 
Abuja, FCT. 
To: with the position applied for as the subject of the e-meil
Note: Application clsoes five (5) working days from the day of placement of this advert, and any individual who will not be available to commence work by the first week of February 2014 need not apply.
for NMEP

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