CHOPDIN Position on Federal Government Planned Appointment of a Surgeon- General in Nigeria

On 07/Jan/2014 / In Medical Advertorials

The attention of the Chairman, Executive members and all members of Committee of Heads of Physiotherapy Departments in Nigeria (CHOPDIN) is being drawn to the planned appointment of a Surgeon-General by the FG. The Nigeria Medical Association's(NMA) demand, among other decisions arrived at, to appoint a NMA member to be Surgeon-General for the Federal Republic of Nigeria to avert NMA planned strike action without consulting other equally important stakeholders in health such as Associations of different health professionals, non-health professional health workers, unions & the Nigerians in general whose health is to be managed is grossly unacceptable.
We hereby make these positions:
(1) Condemn the planned appointment of a NMA member Surgeon-General for Nigeria
(2) The appointment if implemented will amount to duplication of roles of health ministers, directors-general and directors of some boards and parastatals in health and so uncalled for.
(3) Condemn any decisions on health of Nigerians, past and present, taken without due consultations of all stakeholders, that is, all healthcare givers and the recievers(Nigerians).
(4) The planned appointment of a Surgeon-General is illegal and has no place in Nigerian health laws.
(5) We will not hesitate to take our protest to God, whose laws in the holy books teach fairness, equity and justice, National Assembly, Nigerian court(judiciary) and court of public opinion.
(6) We call on federal government to re-visit the decisions taken in negotiating with NMA alone and call a broad base stakeholders meeting to sort out this and all pending issues of health in Nigeria.
God bless CHOPDIN,
God bless NSP,
God bless a healthy Nigeria!
Iyabo Okulaja 

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