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More People Beating Skin Cancer –UK Report

On 27/Jul/2013

Cancer Research UK says more and more people are surviving malignant melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Their latest statistics, published online this week, reveal that more than 8 in 10 people diagnosed[...]

Clearest Ever Pictures Of Immune Cells Could Help Treat Cancers And HIV

On 27/Jul/2013

Immunity has never looked so good. Scientists in the UK recently released images that provide the clearest snapshot of how white blood immune cells attack viral infections and tumors. They are hopeful that these cleare[...]

JOHESU: NIC Landmark Judgement on Skipping of CONHESS 10

On 26/Jul/2013

Background: In a reaction to series of circulars from the federal ministry of health on non-skipping of CONHESS 10, withdrawal of appointments of non-medical practitioners as consultants in our tertiary hospitals, non-[...]


On 26/Jul/2013

Medical Laboratory Science Council Of Nigeria (National Medical Laboratory Accreditation Agency)   Federal Statutory Body Established by Act 11 2003 HQRS 9, MAMMAN NASIR STREET, OFF T.Y DANJUMA STR, ASOKOR[...]

COMMUNIQUE: The Nigeria Optometric Association 37th AGM/Scientific Conference

On 26/Jul/2013

The Nigerian Optometric Association held her 37th Annual General Meeting and Scientific Conference with the theme: Public, Private Partnership in Deliveting Quality Eyecare Services, in Umuahia, Abi[...]

Bitter Leaf-Based Drugs ‘Cure’ Hepatitis, Cancer, Diabetes, TB

On 26/Jul/2013

Nigerian researchers have in clinical trials demonstrated how poly herbal preparations made predominantly with bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) provide cure for chronic form of hepatitis B and C co-infection, cancer,[...]

Woman, 28, Squeezes Infected 'Insect Bite' On Stomach And Discovers She Is Infested With 14 FLESH-EATING MAGGOTS After Visiting Africa

On 25/Jul/2013

. Catherine Stewart, from Liverpool, returned from doing charity work in Africa with what looked like several, harmless bites . But as one turned yellow she thought she should squeeze it to clean it . As she squeez[...]

The Health Resources Management Course Programs At National Postgraduate Medical College Of Nigeria

On 25/Jul/2013

OBJECTIVE:  To assist participants acquire the necessary knowledge and skills required for the modem management of health institutions and programmes.  COURSE CONTENTS:  Will include, but not[...]

MRC for Registered Environmental Health Technicians and Health Assistants

On 24/Jul/2013

The council organises Mandatory Refresher course (MRC) for Registered Environmental Health Technicians and Assistants in Nigeria in order to upgrade their knowledge and skills for the practice of their profession. &n[...]

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