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Group Blames Fear For Increasing Breast Cancer

On 16/Oct/2013

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pink Pearl, Mrs. Orode Ryan-Okpu, has said that women refuse to do breast cancer screening because of the fear that the test might be positive. “This has subsequently[...]

45th Annual conference of the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria

On 15/Oct/2013

The 2013 Annual conference, the 45th in the series, will showcase novel papers,highly researched scientific papers in Radiography Education and its challenges. It is one in the series of CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVEL[...]

Inaccurate Diagnosis Worries N’Assembly, Science Council

On 15/Oct/2013

The National Assembly and the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria have expressed concern over inaccurate diagnosis by laboratories, which they said had been a major cause of deaths in the country. The Natio[...]

Soehpon 2013 Annual Conference

On 15/Oct/2013

SOCIETY OF OCCUPATIONAL & ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PHYSICIANS OF NIGERIA (SOEHPON) Formerly Society of Occupational Health Physicians of Nigeria National Secretariat: c/o Health Services Manager's office (OKLNG[...]

Discovery on cell growth could target cancer

On 15/Oct/2013

The way cells divide to form new cells – to support growth, to repair damaged tissues, or simply to maintain our healthy adult functioning — is controlled in previously unsuspected ways UC San Francisco res[...]

For Dialysis Patients, It Was a Honey of An Idea

On 13/Oct/2013

  Patients with kidney failure who are undergoing dialysis sometimes develop infections at the site where a catheter enters the body. These infections are most often treated with antibiotics, but recently "[...]

The Gulf Between Doctors and Nurse Practitioners

On 12/Oct/2013

Not long ago, I attended a meeting on the future of primary care. Most of the physicians in the room knew one another, so the discussion, while serious, remained relaxed. Toward the end of the hour, one of the physic[...]

Do vitamins C and D prevent the flu?

On 12/Oct/2013

  The simple answer right now is: no.   However, I believe in vitamins C and D as essential vitamins that, at healthy levels, can slow the progression of a viral infection. But there’s no clear in[...]

Blood-Brain Barrier Breached by Anti-Breast Cancer Drugs Using New Technique

On 11/Oct/2013

Some breast cancer drugs can penetrate the blood-brain barrier (BBB), but they have not been very effective against brain metastases, whereas other, more effective anti-breast cancer drugs cannot penetrate the BBB at a[...]

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