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Super-vaccine could eliminate need for annual flu jabs within five years after successful trials

On 20/Oct/2013

. New universal vaccine being developed by British and European scientists, Jab would provide lifetime immunity against all flu viruses . First ever successful human trials have taken place . Larger trails involvin[...]

Natural Relief For Andropause

On 20/Oct/2013

  While women undergo menopause, it appears that middle-aged men also experience their own very significant period of change called andropause – sometimes referred to as man-o-pause. Andropause is caused b[...]

Afrihealth Information Projects Public Presentation

On 19/Oct/2013

Afrihealth Information Projects/Afrihealth Optonet Association is a Health and Community Systems strengtheningnational network of civil society organisations [CSOs] and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). It is[...]

Ekiti State Government Scholarship and Bursary Awards

On 19/Oct/2013

The Ekiti State Government has instituted various scholarship and Bursary Awards for students of Ekiti State origin in the Federal, State and Private Universities in Nigeria and overseas. Free Application forms for u[...]

HIV AIDS – Alice in Wonderland

On 19/Oct/2013

Every where — chemists have labs , they have all sorts of gadjects . pharmacists have labs, microbiologists have labs, tests are run and interpreted treatment is commenced, most often no conformation, partner may[...]

HIV Protective Drugs ‘Do Not Increase Sexual Risk-Taking’

On 19/Oct/2013

A new study suggests that people who are HIV negative in a heterosexual relationship with an HIV-positive partner do not demonstrate a significant increase in sexual risk-taking, even when they are protected against HI[...]

Environmental Health Officers Association of Nigeria 46th Annual National Conference/ Scientific Workshop

On 18/Oct/2013

Environmental Health Officers Association of Nigeria (EHOAN), An Affiliate of International Federation of Environmental Health (IFEH) 46TH ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE/ SCIENTIFIC WORKSHOP tagged "Port-Harcourt 2013[...]

Flesh-eating zombie drug kills you from the inside out

On 18/Oct/2013

A flesh-eating drug that turns people into zombie-like creatures seems to have made its way to the United States. This extremely addictive injectable opioid is called krokodil (pronounced like crocodile) or desomorph[...]


On 18/Oct/2013

FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTRE  INVITATION FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION TO TENDER FOR THE 2013 CAPITAL APPROPRITED PROJECT The Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta is planning to execute its 2013 Fiscal Year Capital Project. Con[...]

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