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Community Pharmacists Seek Urgent Review of NHIS scope

On 02/Jun/2013

President Goodluck Jonathan has been called upon to urgently review the scope of the National Health Insurance Scheme, NHIS, even as Community pharmacists have recommended appointment of a substantive Executive Secreta[...]

‘People Think It’s Over’

On 02/Jun/2013

Spared Death, Aging People With H.I.V. Struggle to Live By JOHN LELAND   Steve Schalchlin would be the first to tell you he lives in a time of miracles, and about how hard that can be. In 1995, as his body w[...]

Almitrine Will Be Withdrawn as COPD Therapy in 3 EU Nations

On 02/Jun/2013

Oral medicines containing almitrine, once a go-to therapy for chronic respiratory failure in several European countries, will be withdrawn there because the drug's benefits no longer outweigh the risk for long-last[...]

Leg Wraps Raise Hopes Of Saved Lives After Strokes

On 01/Jun/2013

Cheap inflatable leg wraps may save the lives of patients after a stroke, according to research in Scotland.   The devices regularly squeeze the legs to keep blood flowing and prevent formation of fatal blood[...]

Promising New Therapy For Lung Cancer

On 01/Jun/2013

A novel therapy for the most common form of lung cancer shows promise and seems to yield largely manageable side effects, according to new research that will be presented at the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Soci[...]

Good Kidney Health Begins Before Birth

On 31/May/2013

Researchers have found that conditions in the womb can affect kidney development and have serious health implications for the child not only immediately after birth, but decades later.   In a paper published i[...]

EV71: Vaccine Prevents Hand-Foot-Mouth, Associated Disease

On 31/May/2013

By Barbara Boughton   A new vaccine against enterovirus 71 (EV71) can effectively prevent hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) as well as hospitalizations for severe HFMD and EV71-associated disease, according[...]

Senior Health Experts - Nigeria at GRM International

On 30/May/2013

  Expression of Interest – Senior Health Experts - Nigeria   • Help create lasting change in your own country • Dynamic, challenging environment • Global Market Leader   We[...]

2013 Update course/ TOT for residents and trainers

On 30/May/2013

  The West African college of physicians in conjuction with the department of family medicine, National hospital Abuja announces-    2013 Update course/ TOT for residents and trainers   TH[...]

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