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Ebola Panic Heightens As Infected Spanish Nurse Battles For Survival

On 11/Oct/2014

A MADRID nurse infected with Ebola was fighting for her life Friday as authorities worldwide tightened screening of travellers and tried to prevent panic over the deadly disease spreading. From Australia to Zimbabwe,[...]

RE: Response To Dr Paul John's 'Another Ultimatum From JOHESU'

On 11/Oct/2014

  My dear Ibe V.C.N,   As I was surfing, I stumbled on your response to one of my  publications .I am a little busy now but let me hurriedly address some of the issues you raised. You said you are[...]

Heart-Rending Test in Ebola Zone: A Baby

On 10/Oct/2014

  Peering inside a red Nissan hatchback that had pulled up to the gate of an Ebola treatment center here, a guard saw an older woman holding a tiny newborn, a young woman sprawled in the back seat and a man i[...]

A Reply To Dr Paul John's “Another Ultimatum From JOHESU?”: Be Humble In Service By Ibe, V.C.N Part 2

On 10/Oct/2014

  From the chart above, one can see that a House Officer/Corper Doctor is placed on GL 10 which is CONMESS 1, while a physiotherapist intern for example is place on GL 8 (which is CONHESS 7). Now check it, wh[...]

First Womb-transplant Baby Arrives

On 10/Oct/2014

The first woman to give birth without womb has been delivered of a baby boy in Sweden.  The woman reportedly used a transplanted womb, in a medical first, according to doctors. The 36-year-old mother, who was bo[...]

Chevron Partners Ondo Govt On Malaria

On 10/Oct/2014

Chevron Partners Ondo Govt on malariaThe oil producing giant, Chevron Nigeria limited (CNL) continued its Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partnership with the Ondo State Government last week with sponsorship of malaria treatme[...]

Battling Bad Breath

On 10/Oct/2014

Halitosis commonly known as bad breath is a medical condition that lowers self-esteem and affects everyday life and personal relationships. People with chronic or recurring bad breath often lose their self-confidence.[...]

‘Why Nigeria Should Focus More on Vaccine Laboratories’

On 10/Oct/2014

The President of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria( AMLSN), Dr Godswill Okara has said there is an urgent need for Nigeria to focus more on vaccine laboratories in order to protect its citizen[...]

Poor Equipment Blamed for Spain’s Ebola Outbreak

On 10/Oct/2014

Health professionals in Madrid have blamed substandard equipment and a failure to follow protocol for the first case of Ebola in that country. Health authorities announced on Monday that a Spanish nurse at Madrid&rsq[...]

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