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Nerve Surgery Allows 13 Paralysed Patients to Regain Use of Their Arms

On 10/Jul/2019

Groundbreaking nerve surgery has allowed 13 patients paralysed in car crashes and sporting accidents to use their arms again. Doctors in Australia have successfully reconnected the patients’ limbs to their brains[...]

Nurses Bemoans Neglects by Government

On 10/Jul/2019

Despite that nurses are the frontline caregivers, with the most visible bedside presence, who stay with and by patients in times of illness or health, from birth till death, and whose roles in the hospital are akin to[...]

Unveiling the NMCN Online License Renewal Process

On 10/Jul/2019

Recall that in 2017, in a similar workshop, calls were made to take License Renewal digital and to have a platform for the tracking of Nurses Home and abroad. This gave birth to Professional Update Form (PUF) And all[...]

Scientists Link Weight Gain to Sleeping With Lights on

On 10/Jul/2019

Scientists in a recent study have linked an increased risk of weight gain and obesity to keeping the lights switched on while sleeping.   In the study published in the journal, JAMA Internal Medicine, the scie[...]

Pharmacist Advises FG on Medicinal Cannabis

On 10/Jul/2019

The Secretary of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria, Lagos State chapter, Pharm. Jonah Okotie, has urged the Federal Government to tread cautiously on the issue of legalising cannabis in Nigeria. &nb[...]

Oranges, Grapes, Carrots Contain Tumour-Fighting Compounds

On 10/Jul/2019

Oranges, grapes and carrots may contain cancer-fighting compounds that closely resemble those used in licensed drugs, research suggests. A study found that out of more than 7,900 molecules within fruits and vegetables,[...]

Increase in Depression/Suicide in Nigeria: A Ticking Time Bomb Presented by Wellington Omorogbe Ogieriakhi (RN, RPN, BNSC. PGDE)

On 10/Jul/2019

Increase In Depression/Suicide In Nigeria: A Ticking Time Bomb.  A Paper Presented By:  Wellington Omorogbe Ogieriakhi (RN, RPN, BNSC. PGDE), Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Benin City. At The 2019 Annual[...]

Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Examiners Workshop 2019

On 10/Jul/2019

The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria Examiners Workshop 2019. Theme: Sustaining Quality Nursing Education and Practice in the 21st Century: The place of Professional Examination. Fee: N50,000 only per parti[...]

Urine Test Can Help Diagnose Aggressive Prostate Cancer

On 10/Jul/2019

Recent research has revealed that a new urine test can detect aggressive prostate cancer cases that need treatment up to five years sooner than other diagnostic methods. Researchers from the University of East Anglia ([...]

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