About World Medical Association (WMA)

The World Medical Association (WMA) is an international organization representing physicians. It was founded on 17 September 1947, when physicians from 27 different countries met at the First General Assembly of the WMA in Paris. The organization was created to ensure the independence of physicians, and to work for the highest possible standards of ethical behaviour and care by physicians, at all times. This was particularly important to physicians after the Second World War, and therefore the WMA has always been an independent confederation of free professional associations. Funding has been by the annual contributions of its members, which has now grown to 111 National Medical Associations.

The WMA provides a forum for its member associations to communicate freely, to co-operate actively, to achieve consensus on high standards of medical ethics and professional competence, and to promote the professional freedom of physicians worldwide.

This unique partnership facilitates high-calibre, humane care to patients in a healthy environment, enhancing the quality of life for all people in the world.

Email: wma@wma.net

Website: www.wma.net/

Office Address: 13, ch. du Levant CIB – Bâtiment A 01210 Ferney-Voltaire France

World Medical Association Welcomes Decision on Burnout

On 12/Jun/2019

The World Medical Association has given a warm welcome to the decision by the World Health Assembly to classify work related burnout as a problem that influences health status and to include it in the new version of th[...]

World Medical Association Signs Up To Promoting Universal Health Coverage

On 27/May/2019

The World Medical Association has committed the world’s 12 million physicians to promoting the benefits of universal health coverage across the globe.   In a special ceremony in Geneva yesterday, WMA Pre[...]

World Medical Association Physician Leaders Reaffirm Opposition to IAAF Rules

On 16/May/2019

The World Medical Association has reaffirmed its opposition to IAAF gender rules for classifying female athletes as ‘contrary to medical ethics’. In a letter to the International Association of Athletic F[...]

World Medical Association Leader’s Warning over Substituting Physicians

On 16/May/2019

Governments and international organisations that promote the training of nurses and community health workers rather than fully trained physicians are effectively denying patients’ access to quality health care, t[...]

World Medical Association Medical Ethics Conference and AGM 2018

On 18/Sep/2018

A Medical Ethics Conference and the annual General Assembly of the World Medical Association will be held at the Harpa Conference Hall, Reykjavik from October 2-6.   The programme of the meeting will be: &nb[...]

World Medical Association Echo Call for Vigorous Response to New Ebola Outbreak

On 25/May/2018

The World Medical Association has echoed the call from the World Health Organisation for a vigorous response to the latest Ebola outbreak in the Congo, which has so far caused more than 20 deaths. Dr. Ardis Hoven, Ch[...]

World Medical Association Urge All States to Sign Nuclear Weapons Treaty

On 01/May/2018

Deep concern about nuclear armed states who have decided to modernise their nuclear weapons and retain them indefinitely, has been expressed by the World Medical Association. At their Council meeting in Rig[...]

World Health Organisation and the World Medical Association Sign Memorandum of Understanding

On 08/Apr/2018

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the World Health Organisation and the World Medical Association to reaffirm and consolidate co-operation between the two organisations.   At a ceremony at the W[...]

World Medical Association African Region Meeting on End of Life Issues Holds in Abuja

On 18/Jan/2018

Recent World Medical Association sessions have featured dynamic discussions on euthanasia and physician-assisted dying. To explore ethical dilemmas relating to end-of-life issues on a broader scale, plans were announce[...]

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