National Primary Health Care Development Agency Notice

On 12/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

National Primary Health Care Development Agency Plot 681/682 Portharcourt Crescent, Off Gimbiya Street, Area 11, Abuja Public Notice The attention of thhe management of the National Primary Healthcare Development[...]

First Double Leg-Transplant Patient Has Legs Amputated

On 12/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

The world's first double leg-transplant patient has had his legs amputated, a Spanish hospital has confirmed.   The amputation was carried out after an unrelated illness forced the man to stop taking anti-[...]

NDA Makes Case For Dental Records

On 12/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

NIGERIANS have been urged to visit their dentists for routine dental checks every six months in order to checkmate the onset of certain debilitating diseases that may be discovered early from the oral cavity.  [...]

Doctor Denies Mutilating Baby's Corpse

On 11/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

Abeokuta — The Ogun State Police Command, yesterday, said Dr. Babawale Joshua, who was accused of mutilating the corpse of a 13-month-old baby who died in his hospital, had denied his involvement.   The[...]

Antibodies in Cows Suggest New Human Therapies

On 11/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

Humans have been raising cows for their meat, hides and milk for millennia. Now it appears that the cow immune system also has something to offer. A new study led by scientists from The Scripps Research Institute focus[...]

Medical Education in Nigeria is Inadequately Funded

On 11/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

Former Director, Human Resources, West African Health Organisation, Professor Kayode Odusote has decried inadequate funding of medical education in the country.   Odusote who was guest lecturer at the 10th Ann[...]

Scientists Closer to Artificial Livers

On 11/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

PROMETHEUS, the mythological figure who stole fire from the gods, was punished for this theft by being bound to a rock. Each day, an eagle swept down and fed on his liver, which then grew back to be eaten again the nex[...]

Lecturer Warns Against Consumption of Catfish Pepper Soup

On 11/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

A Professor of biotechnology at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Sylvia Uzochukwu, has warned Nigerians against unrestrained consumption of catfish pepper soup.   Uzochukwu, who sai[...]

Ekiti NMA Threatens Strike over Wage Dispute

On 11/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

The Nigerian Medical Association in Ekiti State has given the state government  a 21-day ultimatum to  pay doctors in local government the Consolidated Medical Salary Scale or be ready for an industrial actio[...]

Heavily Pregnant Mother, 32, And Her Baby Died After Trainee Surgeons Removed Her OVARY Instead Of Her Appendix

On 10/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

. Maria De Jesus was admitted for surgery at Queen’s Hospital in Romford. Because she was heavily pregnant, surgeons had to 'feel' for the appendix . Managed to remove her ovary instead, leaving infecte[...]

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