Heavily Pregnant Mother, 32, And Her Baby Died After Trainee Surgeons Removed Her OVARY Instead Of Her Appendix

On 10/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

. Maria De Jesus was admitted for surgery at Queen’s Hospital in Romford. Because she was heavily pregnant, surgeons had to 'feel' for the appendix . Managed to remove her ovary instead, leaving infecte[...]

Substances from African Medicinal Plants Could Help Stop Tumor Growth

On 10/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

African medicinal plants contain chemicals that may be able to stop the spread of cancer cells. This is the conclusion of researchers following laboratory experiments conducted at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (J[...]

MRI Detects Early Damage To Chemotherapy Child Hearts

On 10/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

Detecting early damage to a child's heart following chemotherapy is possible using MRI scans, says a study from Canada.   Even when children's heart function appeared to be normal, a new MRI method of[...]

Nigerian Doctor Wins ‘Motivational Speaker Of The Year 2013’ Award In London

On 08/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

. First Ever Medical Professional To Win The Award   DR Kem Thompson, a General Practitioner based in North London, has just been awarded the ‘Motivational Speaker of The Year Award’ at the 2013 Wo[...]

Surgeons Implant Bioengineered Vein: Kidney Dialysis Patient First in U.S. to Receive Lab-Grown Blood Vessel

On 07/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

In a first-of-its-kind operation in the United States, a team of doctors at Duke University Hospital helped create a bioengineered blood vessel and implanted it into the arm of a patient with end-stage kidney disease.[...]

Concerns About Anaesthesia’s Impact On The Brain

On 07/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

As pediatric specialists become increasingly aware that surgical anesthesia may have lasting effects on the developing brains of young children, new research suggests the threat may also apply to adult brains.  [...]

Drug May Aid in Alcohol Dependence, but Safety Concerns Linger

On 07/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

Varenicline (Chantix, Pfizer Inc), currently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to aid smoking cessation, shows a signal that it may also help in the treatment of alcohol dependence, new research sug[...]

Malaria's Deadly Grip Revealed: Severe Malaria Breakthrough

On 06/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Seattle Biomedical Research Institute, the University of Oxford, NIMR Tanzania and Retrogenix LTD, have identified how malaria parasites growing inside[...]

Women Have Better Memory Recall Than Men

On 06/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

New research from McMaster University suggests women can remember faces better than men, in part because they spend more time studying features without even knowing it, and a technique researchers say can help improve[...]

Discrimination Against Pharmacists, Others, Counterproductive –PSN President

On 06/Jun/2013 / In Medical News

The President, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Mr. Olumide Akintayo, in this interview with SAMUEL AWOYINFA, argues that the preferential treatment being given to medical doctors by the Federal Government in appoint[...]

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