FG Moves To Incorporate Dental Treatment Covered By Health Insurance

On 01/Apr/2014 / In Medical News

The Minister disclosed this in Abuja at the National Oral Health Conference in commemoration of the 2014 World Oral Health Day. He said that this intervention would be achieved by increasing the number of accredited[...]

Pot-smoking students 'perform better academically' than those who smoke tobacco

On 31/Mar/2014 / In Medical News

  . Marijuana smokers achieve better grades than cigarette smokers . Teenagers who smoke tobacco are more likely to commit crime, say experts . It is thought as tobacco has become more stigmatised, fewer int[...]

Recommendations for Testing, Managing, and Treating Hepatitis C

On 31/Mar/2014 / In Medical News

  NOTICE:  Guidance for hepatitis C treatment is changing constantly with the advent of new therapies and other developments. A static version of this guidance, such as printout of this website material,[...]

Four In 10 Infants Lack Strong Parental Attachments

On 31/Mar/2014 / In Medical News

In a study of 14,000 U.S. children, 40 percent lack strong emotional bonds — what psychologists call “secure attachment” — with their parents that are crucial to success later in life, according[...]

What Men Should Know About Women’s Privates

On 31/Mar/2014 / In Medical News

A wise girl saw some of her male classmates plucking mangoes. She pleaded for one, but they refused and asked her to climb. She climbed and plucked as many as possible. When she got home, her mother asked, “My de[...]

Ekiti NMA Threatens Three-Day Warning Strike

On 31/Mar/2014 / In Medical News

•Govt calls for dialogue Ekiti State Chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has threatened to embark on warning strike involving both public and private sections of the state’s health sector bet[...]

Breast Cancer 'Personal Drugs' Hope After Gene Study

On 31/Mar/2014 / In Medical News

"Personalised" treatments for breast cancer are a step closer, according to research scientists at Cardiff University.   The scientists used gene technology to compare and contrast specific genetic e[...]

Suspended Animation? Docs Try Stopping Clock to Save Lives

On 29/Mar/2014 / In Medical News

  It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: a mortally injured patient is put into suspended animation so doctors can buy time to close up his wounds and save his life. But that seemingly improbable scenario[...]

Man Seeks Divorce Over Wife’s HIV Status

On 29/Mar/2014 / In Medical News

     A 38-year-old civil servant, Silas Dodo, has prayed an Upper Area Court in Mararaba, Nasarawa State,  to dissolve his marriage with his wife because she is HIV-positive.   The News Age[...]

Strike Forces Patients Out of UCTH

On 29/Mar/2014 / In Medical News

   Patients are pulling out of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital in droves following a strike action called by doctors under the aegis of Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria. &nb[...]

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