You Can Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

On 29/Oct/2013 / In Medical News

October has been designated as the Pink Month in a global effort to draw attention to issues relating to breast cancer. The ultimate goal is to educate everyone about the disease and, consequently, reduce to the barest[...]

Zimbabwe Takes Aim at 'Neglected Tropical Diseases'

On 28/Oct/2013 / In Medical News

  The government of Zimbabwe, with help from U.N. agencies and Western donors, is trying to eliminate so-called "neglected tropical diseases" that affect mainly children. At Tsungubvi Primary School, a[...]

5 Studies You May Have Missed

On 28/Oct/2013 / In Medical News

Here's a roundup of five medical studies published recently that might give you new insights into your health, mind and body. Remember, correlation is not causation – so if a study finds a connection between[...]

Most Consultants in Govt Hospitals Earn Fat Salaries For Doing Nothing

On 28/Oct/2013 / In Medical News

Consultant Pharmacist, Olumide Akintayo, is the current President, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria. He spoke with BOSEDE OLUSOLA-OBASA on controversial issues Was it your childhood dream to be a pharmacist? The v[...]

FG, States Should Stem Cholera Epidemic

On 28/Oct/2013 / In Medical News

The Association of Public Health Physicians of Nigeria has raised thealarm over what it called preventable deaths arising from epidemic ofcholera which broke out in Zamfara, Plateau and Lagos states.   In a st[...]


On 28/Oct/2013 / In Medical News

  The Zamfara Commissioner for Health, Alhaji Kabir Janyau, on Sunday assured residents of the state that government had curtailed the cholera outbreak in the state.   Janyau said that the State Governm[...]

We Have Reached the End Of Antibiotics

On 27/Oct/2013 / In Medical News

'We've reached the end of antibiotics': Top CDC expert declares that 'miracle drugs' that have saved millions are no match against 'superbugs' because people have overmedicated themselves[...]

Cholera Epidemic Returns With Fury

On 27/Oct/2013 / In Medical News

Again, the outbreak of cholera epidemic has been reported in at least four states in Nigeria and it has so far claimed scores of lives. In the last couple of days, some states in Nigeria have come under the spell of ch[...]

Drug Development Lags for Neglected Diseases

On 26/Oct/2013 / In Medical News

  Of the 850 new drugs and vaccines approved for all diseases over the past decade, only 37 were for so-called neglected diseases: malaria, TB, chagas, sleeping sickness and other diseases of poverty.  &n[...]


On 25/Oct/2013 / In Medical News

The National Association of Resident Doctors on Thursday annouced the suspension of its more than three-week old nationwide strike. The President of he association, Dr. Jibril Abdullahi, said this to the News Agency[...]

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