New To Prenatal Workouts? Three Things You Must Do

On 18/Jul/2019 / In Articles

I was discussing with a pregnant client, encouraging her to ask her doctor before embarking on any prenatal exercises I was recommending, and she said something like:   ‘Hmm, in this Nigeria, no doctor w[...]

How We Are Reversing Medical Tourism in Nigeria, By Azubuike

On 18/Jul/2019 / In Articles

Dr. Osiatuma Victor Azubike is a Consultant Radiologist and Current Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre, Asaba, Delta State. Azubuike told journalists how the hospital has been able to reduce medical tourism and p[...]

Avocado Tops Herbal Cures for Herpes, Dengue, HIV, Hepatitis

On 18/Jul/2019 / In Articles

Recent studies have demonstrated how extracts of avocado, bamboo, Moringa oleifera, lime, lemon, and alligator pepper provide ‘cure’ for viral infections including herpes simplex, dengue fever, hepatitis, p[...]

Low ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Increases Stroke Risk – Research

On 17/Jul/2019 / In Articles

Researchers from the Pennsylvania State University, United States of America, have said maintaining a low level of low-density lipoprotein, or ‘bad’ cholesterol was important for cardiovascular health, but[...]

Cancer not the End of Life – SOCRON Boss

On 17/Jul/2019 / In Articles

The President, Society of Oncology and Cancer Research of Nigeria, Dr Clement Adebamowo, says being diagnosed with cancer is not the end of life.   Adebamowo, in Lagos at a multidisciplinary cancer management[...]

Heavy Metals in Our Food and Environment that can cause Infertility

On 17/Jul/2019 / In Articles

Mrs F. O. came with her husband to our fertility clinic about five years ago due to their inability to conceive. All the five attempts of in vitro fertilisation with the transfer of good grade embryo at 8-cell grade A[...]

How Maternal Obesity Causes Childhood Cancer, by Researchers

On 17/Jul/2019 / In Articles

A new study analyzed two million birth records and 3,000 cancer registry records and found that children born to obese mothers were 57 percent more likely to develop cancer, independent of other factors. This finding o[...]

Management of Hepatitis

On 17/Jul/2019 / In Articles

Sunday, July 28, 2019, is another World Hepatitis Day. Every year on July 28, the World Health Organisation and partners mark the World Hepatitis Day to increase the awareness and understanding of viral hepatitis and t[...]

Paediatrician says Fever, Rashes Could be Symptoms of Measles

On 17/Jul/2019 / In Articles

A consultant paediatrician, Dr Adaugo Onyedinma, has advised parents to watch out for fever, rashes which usually start from the forehead and progress downwards to involve the trunk and limbs of their children, saying[...]

AIDS Deaths Down A Third Since 2010: UN

On 17/Jul/2019 / In Articles

HIV-related deaths last year fell to around 770,000 — some 33 percent lower than in 2010 — the United Nations said Tuesday, but warned that global efforts to eradicate the disease were stalling as funding d[...]

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