Rising Cases of Suicides beyond Mental Illness – CMD

On 16/Oct/2019 / In Articles

The Chief Medical Director, Federal Neuro- Psychiatric Hospital, Kware in Sokoto State, Dr Shehu Sale, has advised Nigerians to consider rising suicide cases as subjects of global concern caused by lifestyle-induced ch[...]

Interview: Britain's First Blind And Deaf Medic Says Seeing And Hearing Doesn't Make You A Better Doctor

On 15/Oct/2019 / In Articles

Well-meaning folk used to tell Alexandra Adams she couldn’t ski. Blind people can’t, they said. People who are blind and deaf certainly can’t. It turns out, though, that determination (or ‘sheer[...]

Eye Diseases, Blindness Can Be Prevented By Regular Checks — Experts

On 14/Oct/2019 / In Articles

The need to go for regular eye checkup to prevent blindness has again been highlighted, as the World Sight Day was observed on 0ctober 11.Dr. Olubanke Ilo, a consultant ophthalmologist and lecturer at Lagos University[...]

Why Every Adult Should Get Cancer-Fighting HPV Vaccination

On 11/Oct/2019 / In Articles

Government assures stakeholders of inclusiveness in auto policy review 5 hours ago   Every person in should be given the cancer-fighting HPV jab to prevent a range of deadly tumours and save thousands of liv[...]

The Stakeholders of Mental Health Advocacy

On 11/Oct/2019 / In Articles

Life is void without a purpose. I want to believe that the very distinguishing characteristic of those individuals who have made unique contributions to their world is rooted in their passion to serve others.  [...]

Mental Disease: Cost of Medication Forces People to Seek Help in Churches Mosques - Expert

On 11/Oct/2019 / In Articles

A Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Peter Ogunnubi, says huge cost of orthodox medication forces people with mental disorder to seek helps in Churches, Mosques and herbal homes.   Ogunnubi, also the Chief Executive[...]

‘Adequate Physical Exercise Can Control Blood Pressure’

On 10/Oct/2019 / In Articles

Medical practitioners have called on Nigerians to engage in exercise as it can help in the control of blood pressure. Speaking during the presentation of the 2018 Nigerian Report Card on Physical Activity for Children[...]

Management of Sickle Cell Disease

On 10/Oct/2019 / In Articles

The Anambra State House of Assembly recently outlawed marriages involving people living with sickle cell anaemia. The bill, cited as Sickle Cell Disease Control and Eradication Repeal, sought to eradicate sickle cell a[...]

The Antioxidant Defence System and Free Radicals

On 10/Oct/2019 / In Articles

Identifying nutrients [antioxidants] that play a role in the antioxidant defense system Free radicals are a common feature in the human body. They are harmful by-products of the biochemical reactions that occur regul[...]

Menopause: Weight Management and Conception

On 09/Oct/2019 / In Articles

Menopause is defined as the time when there has been no menstrual period for 12 consecutive months and no other biological or physiological cause identified. It is a reasonable condition that all women experience as th[...]

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