The Agony Of A Collapsing Healthcare System By Jerry Uwah

On 29/May/2019 / In Articles

Last week, Nigeria’s Minister of health told the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that the nation’s primary and secondary healthcare delivery systems have practically collapsed. Diarrhea and malari[...]

How Lack of Sleep Harms Circulation

On 28/May/2019 / In Articles

Scientists have long been aware of the relationship between insufficient sleep and poor cardiovascular health. However, exactly how the lack of adequate sleep can harm circulation has remained unclear. A new study now[...]

Three Extra Years of Learning May Lower Your BMI, Blood Pressure

On 28/May/2019 / In Articles

People who attend university are less likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke because they are healthier, a study suggests.Scientists found for every 3.6 additional years spent in education, people had a Body Mass In[...]

Sperm Count in Critical State, Could Damage Fertility, Raise Cancer Risk, Scientists Warn

On 28/May/2019 / In Articles

Men in Switzerland have one of the lowest sperm counts in Europe, according to researchers.Scientists said Swiss men’s sperm quality was in a ‘critical state’ and it could be an indicator of worse fer[...]

Walking, Strength Training Decrease Risk of Dying From Liver Disease, Studies Find

On 28/May/2019 / In Articles

Physical activity, including walking and muscle-strengthening activities, were associated with significantly reduced risk of cirrhosis-related death, according to research presented at Digestive Disease Week® (DDW)[...]

Radical Patient Self-Management Key to Addressing Current Health Challenges in Africa- Expert

On 28/May/2019 / In Articles

A researcher , Orobosa Enadeghe has revealed that radical patient self-management would address current health challenges in Nigeria and the rest of the sub region. Radical patient self-management  is a systematic[...]

Study Links High Sugar in Pregnancy to Childhood Obesity

On 28/May/2019 / In Articles

Children born by women with high glucose blood levels during pregnancy, are at an increased risk of developing obesity in childhood, according to a new study stated. The researchers said such children were at risk even[...]

Rising Suicide Cases: Psychiatrists Brainstorm, Proffer Solutions

On 28/May/2019 / In Articles

The surge in suicide cases in Nigeria is worrisome. Two specialists in suicide treatment and prevention spoke to Good Health Weekly about the development and what steps Nigeria should take to stem the tide. They are Dr[...]

Blame Rise in Suicide Cases on Societal Pressure - Psychiatrists

On 28/May/2019 / In Articles

The Medical Director, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Dr Oluyemi Ogu, yesterday, urged parents to take the mental health of their children seriously even as  she attributed the high rate of suicide to so[...]

‘Individuals Cannot Grow Their Wealth without Paying Attention to Their Health’

On 25/May/2019 / In Articles

Damilola Hassan is the head of Wealth Management at Meristem. In this interview, she talks about the upcoming maiden Meristem Green Fest, the brand’s commitment to its clients’ wellbeing, the inspiration be[...]

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