eHealth as the Future of Medical Care Delivery

On 20/Dec/2019 / In Articles

I will start by asking some questions – How can we connect patients with providers? How can we improve healthcare outcomes while providing better care to Nigerians, such that, every citizen and individual can acc[...]

Coping With Harmattan - Related Diseases

On 20/Dec/2019 / In Articles

As Nigerians welcome the Harmattan season, there are warnings of its harsh weather conditions associated with infectious diseases and other ailments.   The Harmattan is a season experienced in the West African[...]

Quackery in the Nursing Profession by Smart Madu Ajaja RN

On 19/Dec/2019 / In Articles

Warning;....... “Nigerian public, don’t put your lives in danger by exposures to treatment by quack nurses in private Hospitals in Nigeria. It’s time for us all to join hands to stop quackery in nur[...]

How to Manage Colon Cancer

On 18/Dec/2019 / In Articles

Many young Nigerians have been hospitalised or died due to Colon Cancer. Why is this so? Nobody likes to talk about bowel movements or cancer and nobody wants to get a colonoscopy. Still, according to the American Canc[...]

Disabilities Can Be Prevented At Prenatal Stage - Expert

On 18/Dec/2019 / In Articles

The Medical Director, National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Dr Mustapha Alimi, has said that most disabilities can be prevented at the prenatal stage. Alimi, who was represented by a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr[...]

90% of Kidney Patients Die Annually – Expert

On 18/Dec/2019 / In Articles

Speaking at the maiden launch of N500 million kidney care trust fund by At Remmy in Lagos on Tuesday, a Consultant Nephrologist, Dr Jacob Awobusuyi, disclosed that 90 percent of Nigerians who start dialysis end up dyin[...]

Opinion: Changing the Tide against Cancer in Nigeria

On 17/Dec/2019 / In Articles

I am elated that discussions around cancer seem to be gaining ground and gradually coming to the fore. Cancer has been with us for decades, from the days of information darkness, through the days of almost non-existent[...]

UHC: An Achievable Dream that Nurses Can Help to Make a Reality

On 16/Dec/2019 / In Articles

On 12 December 2012, the United Nations unanimously endorsed the concept of Universal Health Coverage, the most ambitious and comprehensive political declaration on health in history. That event is commemorated each ye[...]

More than one in three low- and middle-income countries face both extremes of malnutrition - WHO

On 16/Dec/2019 / In Articles

A new approach is needed to help reduce undernutrition and obesity at the same time, as the issues become increasingly connected due to rapid changes in countries’ food systems. This is especially important in lo[...]

Report: Harvest of Deadly Errors in Nigerian Hospitals

On 16/Dec/2019 / In Articles

A presenter with Channels Television, Binta Badmus, passed on a few weeks ago in an undisclosed private hospital in the Ikotun area of Lagos State. According to reports, which trended online, she died due to a medical[...]

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