AMA Looks to Retrain Doctors on Taking Blood Pressures

On 03/Jan/2020 / In Articles

Measuring blood pressure is thought of as a fundamental skill, but is it being performed correctly? The American Heart Association and American Medical Association has released an on-line refresher course for HCPs to b[...]

Breast Cancer Patients Who Exercise 150 Minutes Weekly Halve Their Risk of Dying

On 03/Jan/2020 / In Articles

*Over-60s who workout for just 60 minutes weekly face lower risk of heart disease, stroke *Walking stems unhealthy white blood cells that cause inflammation, clog arteries *Physical activity levels predict lifespan[...]

16 Of The Most Outrageous Health Claims Spread On Social Media In 2019

On 03/Jan/2020 / In Articles

Health claims fly on social media and rack up thousands of likes and shares   From vagina-sweetening pills to eating grapefruit to prevent heart disease, 2019 had its fair share of outrageous health claims. Ia[...]

Armenia shocked by baby selling network as the countrys top obstetrician and orphanage head are arrested over scheme that sold children to Westerners

On 26/Dec/2019 / In Articles

Armenia has launched an investigation into an apparent underground baby-selling network. The country's chief obstetrician-gynaecologist, the head of an orphanage and other officials have been arrested as part of th[...]

Containing The Drug Abuse Menace By Fayokanmi Omitade

On 24/Dec/2019 / In Articles

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the prevalence of drug use among people aged between 15 and 64  years is estimated at 14.4 per cent or 14.3  million. The level of drug use in Nigeria is compar[...]

‘Diabetes, Cancer No Longer Associated With Only the Rich’

On 23/Dec/2019 / In Articles

A Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry, Omobola Abioye Ogundahunsi says diabetes, cancer and other non – communicable diseases (NCDs)  are “increasingly being recognized as major health issues of epid[...]

Gynaecologists Canvass Adequate Child Spacing To Reduce Maternal, Child Mortality

On 20/Dec/2019 / In Articles

Two gynaecologists on Thursday urged women to adopt proper child-birth spacing to reduce maternal and child mortality rates. They said that inadequate child spacing could negatively affect the health of children and mo[...]

Dangers of Irrational Use, Abuse of Herbal Medicines

On 20/Dec/2019 / In Articles

Life in Erunkan, a slum area of Ketu in Lagos, offers a great study in many things. Olanle, popularly called Ijebu, is one of hundreds of commercial motorcyclists (popularly called okada riders) who regularly find a re[...]

Drop in Cholera Cases Worldwide, As Key Endemic Countries Report Gains in Cholera Control - WHO

On 20/Dec/2019 / In Articles

The number of cholera cases decreased globally by 60% in 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced in a report that points to an encouraging trend in cholera prevention and control in the world’s major[...]

Understanding Urinary Tract Infection

On 20/Dec/2019 / In Articles

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common infections that can affect the bladder, the kidneys and the tubes connected to them. Anyone can get them, but they’re particularly common in women. Some women experience[...]

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