Arthritis, Cancer: Nutritionist Harps on Efficacy of Parsley Leaf

On 18/Oct/2019 / In Articles

Mr Paul Okoh, a Nutritionist based in Abuja, says Nigerians can reap immense benefits from parsley leaf in the treatment of arthritis, cancer prevention and other ailments.   Okoh said this in an interview wit[...]

Herbal Remedies Inspire Future Treatments for High Blood Pressure

On 17/Oct/2019 / In Articles

People have used herbs as medicine for thousands of years. Today, with medical researchers continually hunting for better alternative treatments, some are revisiting these remedies. A recent study looks at herbs that p[...]

Management of Sickle Cell Disease (2)

On 17/Oct/2019 / In Articles

Treatment:   Treatment for sickle cell anaemia is usually aimed at avoiding crises, relieving symptoms and preventing complications. A person with sickle cell anaemia will need to make regular visits to hospit[...]

Drinks, Not Food, With Sugar Promote Weight Gain

On 17/Oct/2019 / In Articles

A team of scientists in the United Kingdom and China in a new study have stated that the effect of added sucrose in the diet on calorie intake and body weight appears to depend on whether it is in liquid or solid form.[...]

42% of Women in Nigeria, Others Suffer Abuse, Stigma during Childbirth

On 17/Oct/2019 / In Articles

No fewer than 42 per cent of women in Ghana, Guinea, Myanmar and Nigeria, suffer physical or verbal abuse, stigma or discrimination during childbirth. According to new evidence from a World Health Organisation (WHO)-[...]

How Educating Vulnerable Communities Will Improve Healthcare Indicators, IROHES

On 17/Oct/2019 / In Articles

The project Director, Iroko Healthcare Support Initiative (IROHES), Lookman Oshodi, has said equipping people in vulnerable communities with education will enable them to solve the challenges facing healthcare in their[...]

Menopause: Weight Management and Conception (2)

On 16/Oct/2019 / In Articles

Hormones involved in weight maintenance include the following:   Oestrogen: This is the female sex hormone that is responsible for causing monthly ovulation. During menopause, your oestrogen level declines rap[...]

Unclean Mouth Can Cause Heart Disease – Don

On 16/Oct/2019 / In Articles

The Dean of the Faculty of Dental Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Prof. Oyinkansola Sofola, has cautioned Nigerians on mouth hygiene. Sofola stated this during the 13th Faculty Conference and third[...]

‘Mental Illness Treatable if Detected Early’

On 16/Oct/2019 / In Articles

The Chairman, Board of Directors of Olashore International School, Prince Abimbola Olashore, has said that mental illness is treatable if detected early. He said this during the Mental Health Awareness initiative of th[...]

Foundation Partners Global Fund on HIV Self-Testing Method

On 16/Oct/2019 / In Articles

The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation has announced an investment of $25 million to the Global Fund dedicated to scaling the HIV self-testing method. The fund will be made available to a few countries that wi[...]

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