Insecurity In The Country, Loss Of Limbs And First Aid Actions

On 08/Apr/2019 / In Articles

WARNING: Some Graphic Images are shown   The following was sent to us by a correspondent:   The victim (name witheld) while riding his bike was on his way home in a village located between Jega and Bi[...]

‘How Nigeria Can Achieve Universal Health Coverage By 2030’

On 08/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Experts are optimistic that Nigeria and indeed the rest of the world can achieve the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030. To do that, they said the Federal Government must restructure the National Health Insuranc[...]

Warning To All Intending Applicants Into Nursing/Midwifery Schools In Nigeria

On 08/Apr/2019 / In Articles

The attention of the Nursingworld Nigeria has once again been drawn to the activities of some unscrupulous group of people who place fake advertisements on the internet for admission into various schools of Nursing acr[...]

Men Will Continue To Produce Sperm Until Old Age — Gynaecologists

On 08/Apr/2019 / In Articles

A Gynaecologist, Dr Kenneth Adedugba, of Life Care Hospital, Egbe, Lagos, on Sunday said men do not experience menopause like women, but would produce sperm until old age. Adedugba told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)[...]

Millennials: Behavioural Strategies for Health Enhancement

On 08/Apr/2019 / In Articles

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not’ Mark Twain. Millennials refers to the younger generation. It is the par[...]

‘Immunotherapy Kicks, Kills HIV’

On 08/Apr/2019 / In Articles

In a first on the quest to cure Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV), University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, United States (U.S.), scientists reported on Sunday in EBioMedicine that they have develop[...]

Replacing Sitting Time with Physical Activity Associated With Lower Risk of Death

On 08/Apr/2019 / In Articles

For those who get the least amount of physical activity, replacing a half hour of sitting time with physical activity was associated with up to a nearly 50 percent reduction in mortality, according to a new study from[...]

Humans Could Live Forever As Scientists Reverse Ageing Process

On 08/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Research at the Mayo Clinic, a medical research centre based in Minnesota, United States (U.S.), have developed anti-ageing drugs called ‘senolytics’ which can wash away senescent cells – otherwise kn[...]

Heavy Alcohol Use Inhibits, Damages Brain Growth, Studies Find

On 08/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Heavy use of alcohol among adolescents and young adults is not only dangerous in its own right, but new research in nonhuman primates shows that it can actually slow the rate of growth in developing brains. The study[...]

My Ordeal In The Hands of Kidnappers By Nurse Chris Emeka Ihediwa

On 07/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Having been away from home for quite some time, the news that the line has held pressure was a source of joy as I have so much longed to go back home to once again meet my nascent family.   On Wednesday 20th o[...]

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