Expert Puts Hepatitis B Prevalence in Nasarawa at 14%

On 03/Aug/2019 / In Articles

A medical expert, Dr Bamidele Folorunsho, has put the prevalence of Hepatitis B in Nasarawa State at 14 per cent. Folorunsho, a gastroenterologist at the Department of Medicine, DASH, described Hepatitis B as 100 times[...]

Men, Beliefs Hinder Family Planning

On 03/Aug/2019 / In Articles

Government has identified beliefs and men as parts of the cogs in the wheels in ensuring compliance of family planning, especially in the rural areas. According to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Dr. Tit[...]

Teenage Girls Hospitalised with Kidney Failure after Doing 1,000 Squat Challenges

On 03/Aug/2019 / In Articles

A pair of teenage girls were rushed to hospital with kidney damage after a three hour squatting match got out of hand. Xiao Tang, 19, did over 1000 squats to be crowned champion despite admitting she was ‘not use[...]

'I'm On My Way For My Induction Now!' Newly-crowned Miss England, 23, Swaps Her Tiara For A Stethoscope As She Starts Her New Job As A Junior Doctor After Winning The Top Prize

On 02/Aug/2019 / In Articles

'I'm on my way for my induction now!' Newly-crowned Miss England, 23, swaps her tiara for a stethoscope as she starts her new job as a junior doctor with a 4am start hours after winning the top prize &nbs[...]

Tattoos, Big Risk of Contracting Hepatitis – Doctor

On 02/Aug/2019 / In Articles

A consultant endocrinologist at the Akure annex of the University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital, Ondo, Dr Adenike Enikuomehin, has warned that careless body piercing for tattoo puts people at risk of contractin[...]

Mental Capital Predicts Organisational Profitability

On 02/Aug/2019 / In Articles

We are told that our century is the jet age and that robots may take over major business operations as currently obtainable in more developed economies of the world. There is a subtle but deliberate tendency towards th[...]

Furore over Avastin Injection, Treatment for Cancers, Loss of Sight

On 02/Aug/2019 / In Articles

In recent times, the use of Avastin Injection has been shrouded in controversy. There are conflicting reports on whether the injection should be used for treating patients with severe eye problems or cancers.  [...]

Doctor Harps on Exclusive Breastfeeding to Reduce Infant Mortality

On 02/Aug/2019 / In Articles

Medical director, Isolo General Hospital (IGH), Dr. Godwin Akhaboa, has stressed the need for exclusive breastfeeding to reduce infant mortality and promote better health for mother and child.He stated this yesterday d[...]

‘How Childbirth Depreciates Women’s Health’

On 01/Aug/2019 / In Articles

A consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (O&G), Prof. Etedafe Prosper Gharoro, has said childbirth is the most important factor that depreciates women’s health.   Gharoro made the remark penultima[...]

Hepatitis: Stay Away From Contaminated Food, Water, Unprotected Sex - Experts

On 29/Jul/2019 / In Articles

As World Hepatitis Day is observed today, Nigerians have been advised to avoid unsafe/contaminated food/water; avoid sharing sharp objects, such as needles, blades, and clippers. They should also avoid patronising quac[...]

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