Researchers Set Blood Pressure Target for Octogenarians

On 17/Jan/2020 / In Articles

Researchers have noted that lowering an older person’s systolic blood pressure to 120 mmHg or lower reduces the risk of heart disease, but increases the chance of kidney changes. According to[...]

Climate Crisis, Epidemics, Next Decade Challenges, Says WHO

On 16/Jan/2020 / In Articles

The World Health Organisation has listed climate crises, epidemics and drug resistance as some of the urgent health challenges for the next 10 years. The organisation urged world leaders to invest more resources in cor[...]

Less Sex Linked to Early Menopause - Study

On 16/Jan/2020 / In Articles

Researchers in a new study have suggested that having sex less frequently could lead to early menopause.   According to the Cable News Network, the researchers found that women who reported having sexual activ[...]

Mental Health Issues in Road Safety

On 16/Jan/2020 / In Articles

A few years back, World Health Organisation estimated that over 234,700 people, most of them aged between five and 44 years, had died in road accidents in Africa. The number constitutes one-fifth of all the deaths, via[...]

Study: Culinary Importance and Health Benefits of Blueberries

On 16/Jan/2020 / In Articles

Blueberries are a flowering shrub so-called because they produce berries of a bluish-purple hue. These berries have a small diameter of 5-16 milimeters and they spot a flared crown at one end. Blueberries are common of[...]

Understanding Kidney Stones - Study

On 16/Jan/2020 / In Articles

Kidney Stone They usually consist of calcium oxalate but may be composed of several other compounds. Kidney stones can grow to the size of a golf ball while maintaining a sharp, crystalline structure. The stones may[...]

Experts Harp on Family Planning as Effective Strategy against Maternal Mortality

On 16/Jan/2020 / In Articles

To reduce maternal and child mortality, family planning has been identified as the most cost-effective means to improve the health of mothers in Nigeria. The Zonal Coordinator, Nationwide Family Planning Campaign, Aden[...]

How Scientists Keep Livers Alive for One Week outside Human Body

On 16/Jan/2020 / In Articles

The chances of losing patients with severe liver diseases or cancer to death are set to decline as scientists have developed a machine that repairs injured human livers and keep them alive outside the body for one week[...]

Study: Basic Guidelines to Having a Baby (2)

On 15/Jan/2020 / In Articles

The top six environmental toxins to avoid are the following:    Pesticides: They are found in non-organic fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy and unfiltered tap water   Formaldehyde: Thi[...]

STUDY: What Nigeria Must Do To Stay Polio-Free

On 15/Jan/2020 / In Articles

Polio is a viral disease, transmitted from person to person, mainly through a faecal-oral route, contaminated water or food. The virus multiplies inside the intestines and causes paralysis in children. There is no cure[...]

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