Neurologist Warns on Salt Consumption, Refined Carbohydrates

On 15/Aug/2019 / In Articles

With rising cases of kidney failure globally, a neurologist, Dr Theophilus Umezuidike, has warned Nigerians against the consumption of too much salt and refined carbohydrates. In an interview with our correspondent, Um[...]

How Fast Food Availability Causes More Heart Attacks

On 14/Aug/2019 / In Articles

Areas with a higher number of fast food restaurants have more heart attacks, according to research presented at CSANZ 2019. The study also found that for every additional fast food outlet, there were four additional he[...]

Physical Fitness May Prevent Depression, Say Scientists

On 13/Aug/2019 / In Articles

Scientists in a recent study have said that physical fitness may help to prevent depression and anxiety. According to, common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, are a growing g[...]

Regular Checkup Can Detect High Blood Pressure - Expert

On 13/Aug/2019 / In Articles

A general health physician at the Olabisi Onabanjo Teaching Hospital, Sagamu, Ogun State, Dr Adejumoke Adegoke, has advised Nigerians to go for regular checkup, saying it could help to detect high blood pressure and ot[...]

Chlamydia Sex Infection Vaccine Passes Safety Test

On 13/Aug/2019 / In Articles

A vaccine to protect people against the common sexually transmitted infection chlamydia has passed initial safety tests. It is the first of its kind to enter human trials. Experts say immunisation may be the best way t[...]

Three Cups of Coffee Daily Triggers Migraine Attacks

On 13/Aug/2019 / In Articles

If you suffer from migraines, it might be time to kick that coffee habit. Researchers have found that drinking three or more cups a day substantially increases the risk of an attack. The study tracked 98 sufferers of &[...]

Obesity Raises Cancer Risk by Twice as Much as Previously Thought, Researchers Find

On 13/Aug/2019 / In Articles

The risk of obesity giving people cancer may be ‘considerably underestimated’, a study has warned. Being fat may actually be more than twice as dangerous as previously thought when it comes to certain forms[...]

Immunisation Exercise Helps in Preventing Measles

On 12/Aug/2019 / In Articles

Experts have recommended regular immunisation to ward off attacks of measles among children.Described as a very contagious respiratory infection, health experts said the illness causes skin rash and flu-like symptoms.[...]

Breastfeeding Best for Newborn Babies – CMD

On 12/Aug/2019 / In Articles

The Chief Medical Director (CMD), Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, Prof. Adetokunbo Fabamwo, has urged nursing mothers to breastfeed their babies, as breast milk provides infants with needed nu[...]

Educate Nursing Mothers on Exclusive Breastfeeding, Says NSN

On 09/Aug/2019 / In Articles

The Lagos State Chairman of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Dr Oluwatosin Adu, has called on the federal and state governments, organisations and communities to provide nursing mothers with adequate information on ex[...]

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