Cardiovascular Disease avoidable Through Healthy Lifestyles

On 03/Oct/2018 / In Articles

  A Consultant Cardiologist at the St Edward Specialist Hospital and Cardiac Centre in Lekki, Lagos, Dr Emeka Okocha, has stressed the need for healthy lifestyles to guard against cardiovascular diseases. &nbs[...]

New Drug Blocks Pancreatic Cancer Growth

On 02/Oct/2018 / In Articles

A newly developed drug can prevent the most common type of pancreatic cancer from growing and spreading in laboratory mice, according to a study led by Cedars-Sinai.The study, published recently in the journal Gastroen[...]

Paralysis breakthrough: Electrical implant Helps Man walk Again

On 02/Oct/2018 / In Articles

  A recent case study could overturn existing beliefs about certain paralysis types. An approach combining spinal chord stimulation and physical therapy has now helped a man living for years with lower-body para[...]

Dilemma of Drug Abuse, Organised Crime and Human Rights

On 25/Sep/2018 / In Articles

  Different governments across the world have introduced initiatives aimed at beating the menace of drug abuse. But the problem seems intractable, resulting in health and social ills, incarcerations as well as c[...]

Rape Victim, 12, Dies From Her Injuries After She And A Friend Were Abducted And Assaulted In Latest Sex Attack In India

On 21/Sep/2018 / In Articles

A 12-year-old girl has died after she and a friend of the same age were abducted and brutally raped by two males in western India. The two girls had been playing at a temple near their homes in Pune, Maharashtra state,[...]

Josephine Iyamu Has Her Jail Term Increased For Sex Trafficking

On 21/Sep/2018 / In Articles

The Nigerian nurse who was convicted after using voodoo threats to traffick vulnerable women from Nigeria to Germany to work as prostitutes has had her 14-year prison sentence increased.   Josephine Iyamu, 52,[...]

22-Year-Old Miraculously Survives Universally Fatal Internal Decapitation, Expected to Fully Recover

On 20/Sep/2018 / In Articles

Internal decapitation almost always results in death, but not only did 22-year-old Brock Meister survive the freak accident, the Indiana man has also nearly gained his full range of motion just eight months after the f[...]

Boko Haram Kills Midwife Saifura Ahmed Abducted in Borno

On 18/Sep/2018 / In Articles

Saifura Ahmed, one of the three humanitarian workers abducted in Rann, Kala Balge local government area of Borno state, has been killed by the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), a faction of Boko Haram. &nbs[...]

Tall Tales: Do Men Really Exaggerate Their Number Of Sexual Partners?

On 18/Sep/2018 / In Articles

When it comes to sexual partners, what's in a number? For one recent survey study, researchers at the University of Glasgow analyzed the responses of over 15,000 men and women and concluded that men are more likely[...]

Popular Blogger Who Documented Her IVF Journey Dies During Emergency C-Section

On 17/Sep/2018 / In Articles

A 30-year-old woman who shared her fertility journey on social media tragically died while undergoing an emergency cesarean section, Spanish news outlet El Mundoreports.   Vanessa Fernandez Arango began docume[...]