‘Dietary Supplements Cause Miscarriage, Harm Foetal Development’

On 11/Jun/2019 / In Articles

An ingredient found in dietary supplements may cause a miscarriage or harm foetal development, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned women of childbearing age on Monday. Vinpocetine, a synthetically produced[...]

Donating Blood is Noble, Saves Lives - Experts

On 10/Jun/2019 / In Articles

As World Blood Donor Day is observed on Friday, medical experts have urged Nigerians to voluntarily donate blood to help save lives. They said a single donation could save three lives. Despite medical and technological[...]

Preventable Diseases Still Killing

On 07/Jun/2019 / In Articles

It is shameful that preventable diseases are still common enough to claim lives of Nigerians at this time. The statistics are increasingly frightening as deaths have been reported from measles, meningitis and Lassa fev[...]

Drug Abuse Assuming More Frightening Dimension, Say Doctor

On 07/Jun/2019 / In Articles

Drug and substance abuse, currently approaching an alarming dimension among the young population in the country, may get worse if urgent measures are not taken. This was the warning from Dr. Lolu Ojo, chairman, drug an[...]

Let us stop the Suicide

On 07/Jun/2019 / In Articles

This topic stems from an experience I had about a week ago while teaching a postgraduate class where the issue of suicide came up for a discussion. There was almost a unanimous view that whoever commits suicide will de[...]

Scientists Uncover Harmful Effects of Dietary Supplements

On 07/Jun/2019 / In Articles

New research has revealed serious consequences of young people taking dietary supplements sold for weight loss or muscle building, as well as the use of periwinkle extract during pregnancy.   According to news[...]

Over One Million New STIs Recorded Daily, Says WHO

On 07/Jun/2019 / In Articles

Everyday, over one million new cases of curable Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are recorded among 15 to 49 years population, a World Health Organisation (WHO) research reveals. The figure amounts to over 376 mi[...]

Depression Sufferers at Risk of Multiple Chronic Diseases - Study

On 06/Jun/2019 / In Articles

A research carried out by scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia, has found that women who experience symptoms of depression were at risk of developing multiple chronic diseases. A Public Health Expert[...]

Handwashing and its Effect on Mother, Child’s Health

On 06/Jun/2019 / In Articles

In many parts of Nigeria, it is common to gift a new mother soaps, cleaning liquids and so on. It is presumed that there would be a lot of cleaning done for mother and child and as such, it has become a culture of sort[...]

How to Manage Abnormal Growths on the Body

On 06/Jun/2019 / In Articles

A patient noticed a lump on the back of his arm about five years ago. The lump grew bigger and he tried to hide it from other people. He became quite self conscious about it. One of his friends advised him to rub Vasel[...]

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