Why Children Living Near Major Roads at Higher Risk of Developmental Delays

On 15/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Young children who live close to a major roadway are twice as likely to score lower on tests of communications skills, compared to those who live farther away from a major roadway, according to an analysis by researche[...]

Eczema And How to Deal With It

On 15/Apr/2019 / In Articles

The National Eczema Association defines Eczema as “the name for a group of conditions that cause the skin to become red, itchy and inflamed.” Having eczema on the skin can be embarrassing and causes discomf[...]

Debating Approaches for Tracking Healthcare Funds

On 15/Apr/2019 / In Articles

A functional healthcare system will be a big relief for Nigerians because it would halt the needless death of citizens due to their inability to access quality healthcare. The constitutional basis for the campaign fo[...]

What to Know About Hepatitis B

On 15/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Dr. Olayide A. Jinadu, Medical Director at Charis-Med Hospital, Lagos, throws light on Hepatitis B, the causes and how it can be handled. GERALDINE AKUTU reports. What causes Hepatitis B and the symptoms? Hepatitis[...]

High Doses of Vitamin D May Stop Colorectal Cancer from Spreading for Over One Year

On 15/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Extra vitamin D may slow the growth of colorectal cancer, a new study suggests.   On average, cancer stopped in its tracks for 13 months for patients on the highest dose of the vitamin supplement (4,000 IU), a[...]

New HIV Vaccine Could Expose Latent Virus, Kill It

On 15/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Antiretroviral therapy may soon be obsolete, as scientists have successfully used immune cells to kick the dormant form of Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) out of its hiding place and destroy it. The findings may so[...]

Pupil Benefits From Free Cataract Surgery in Benin

On 15/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Succour has come the way of Genesis Esekose, a Primary 4 pupil of God’s Own International School, Ughelli, Delta State, as cataract has been surgically removed from his eyes during a free eye screening sponsored[...]

Want to Live Longer? Move More, Lift Weights

On 15/Apr/2019 / In Articles

Improving fitness does not require doing activities you do not like. That is the main message of research presented at EuroPrevent 2019. The largest study to date of cardiorespiratory fitness in healthy people found th[...]

Happy Birthday to the Digital Director of Nursing Services of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital(NAUTH), Nnewi, Lady Ada Onyeyili.

On 13/Apr/2019 / In Articles

In 2017, Lady Ada Onyeyili ensured that NAUTH became the first Hospital to kick start the Internship program for Nurses in the South East of Nigeria.    She is also the first DNS to commence Research for[...]

Managing Fibroid in Pregnancy Depends on Size — Surgeon

On 12/Apr/2019 / In Articles

A surgeon, Dr Benjamin Olowojebutu, has said managing fibroid in pregnant women will depend on the size and location of the non-cancerous tumor that grows in the womb.   Research shows that millions of women a[...]

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