Ebola: NMA Deceit and the N1.9 Billon Special Intervention Fund

On 12/Aug/2014 / In Articles

NMA commendation of federal government declaration of Ebola Disease Virus outbreak as an emergency and NMA declaration of her readiness to collaborate with government is laughable as it reveals the hidden desire for mo[...]

The Menace Of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever And The Bravery Of Health Personnel By Garba . A. Mustapha

On 11/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  I want to start with a heartfelt condolence to the family of our fallen heroin, a nurse in the frontline who was the first victim of the dreaded Ebola virus in Nigeria, I am deeply touched by your courage i[...]

The End To 'Medical Insurgency' By Dr Paul John

On 11/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  I was highly elated when I read the  letter from JOHESU,Joint Health Sector  Unions, dated August 4th,2014,threatening our amiable Secretary to the Government of the Federation(SGF) with indefinite s[...]

Ebola And Financing Health Care

On 11/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  The Ebola pandemic ravaging the West African sub-region and which has come into Nigeria is an ill-wind that blows death and destruction on its path. The ability of Ebola to decimate its victims is phenomenal &[...]

#Ebola: Reality of an interconnected world

On 11/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  When I was writing this piece, I received a news alert from Washington Post, about the arrival to the United States of Dr. Kent Brantly, an American doctor, who was infected with Ebola Virus Disease while w[...]

The truth about Ebola, US risks and how to stop it

On 10/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  Many have asked questions about the risk of bringing two Americans with Ebola back home to the United States for medical treatment.   Ebola is frightening because it’s so deadly, especially when[...]

10 Toxic Household Items You Should Throw Away Now

On 10/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  . Could your choice of shampoo or cookware be harming your health?   As a rheumatologist, I am often asked why patients have developed a particular autoimmune disease. I take a holistic view of[...]

The Organisation of Ebola Virus Reveals a Capacity for Extensive, Modular Polyploidy

On 10/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  By Daniel R. Beniac, Pasquale L. Melito, Shauna L. deVarennes, Shannon L. Hiebert, Melissa J. Rabb, Lindsey L. Lamboo, Steven M. Jones, Timothy F.  Published: January 11, 2012DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0[...]

Where Does Ebola Hide Between Epidemics?

On 10/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  When villagers in the remote jungles of the Republic of Congo began falling ill last month, scientists quickly suspected Ebola. The virus had been confirmed in tests on the bodies of animals found dead in s[...]

Physiotherapists to use Wikipedia-style learning tool

On 09/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  Wikipedia is one of the most commonly used internet sites with millions of people logging on to learn about various subjects.   The defining feature of Wikipedia is that anyone can contribute to it wh[...]

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