Is Secondhand Smoke Really That Risky?

On 05/Aug/2013 / In Articles

  Really, how much secondhand smoke does a nonsmoker get anyway? If a person who smokes a pack a day for 30 years is only 1/3 more likely to die younger than a nonsmoker, then how likely is it that a nonsmoker i[...]

The Psychological Challenges Cancer Patients Face

On 01/Aug/2013 / In Articles

  Medical practice is eternally fascinating because of its essential nature as both a science and an art. This practice has roots in the priesthood and the classical thinking of yester years, which confer on it[...]

The Teenage Sisters Who Shed All Their Skin Every DAY Due To Condition That Makes Their Skin Grow Six Times Faster Than Normal

On 31/Jul/2013 / In Articles

  . Emma and Stacey Picken have the rare skin condition lamellar ichthyosis . They lose an estimated four stone of skin every year between them . They have to apply cream to their whole bodies twice a day[...]

JOHESU: NIC Landmark Judgement on Skipping of CONHESS 10

On 26/Jul/2013 / In Articles

Background: In a reaction to series of circulars from the federal ministry of health on non-skipping of CONHESS 10, withdrawal of appointments of non-medical practitioners as consultants in our tertiary hospitals, non-[...]

'A gangrenous gastric band cost me my appetite': Woman must set an alarm to remind her to eat after surgeons were forced to remove 90% of her stomach

On 24/Jul/2013 / In Articles

. Jo Rust, 47, had majority of stomach removed after her gastric band broke . She had dropped from 20 stone to 11 stone 7lb, from a size 24 to a size 12 . Mrs Rust says she hasn't felt hungry for months and mus[...]

Medical Myth: Does Sugar Make Children Hyperactive?

On 23/Jul/2013 / In Articles

Dread birthday parties because of the effect cakes and drinks will have on your child? Evidence shows this actually affects parents’ behaviour, not the child’s.   Many of us have watched childre[...]

Would You Trust A Doctor In A T-Shirt?

On 22/Jul/2013 / In Articles

A senior British doctor has complained that junior members of her profession are getting too scruffy. But since doctors are valued for their skill and knowledge does it really matter what they wear?   The fath[...]

Promising New Device Detects Disease With Drop of Blood

On 25/Jun/2013 / In Articles

An NJIT research professor known for his cutting-edge work with carbon nanotubes is overseeing the manufacture of a prototype lab-on-a-chip that would someday enable a physician to detect disease or virus from just one[...]

Stroke drug can 'boost quality of life'

On 22/Jun/2013 / In Articles

Patients given a clot-busting drug within six hours of a stroke are more likely to have a good quality of life 18 months afterwards, an international study suggests.   However, the review of more than 3,000 pa[...]

Chemical Probe Confirms That Body Makes Its Own Rotten Egg Gas, H2S, to Benefit Health

On 19/Jun/2013 / In Articles

A new study confirms directly what scientists previously knew only indirectly: The poisonous "rotten egg" gas hydrogen sulfide is generated by our body's growing cells.   Hydrogen sulfide, or H2S[...]

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