National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria (NARD) Communique Issued at the End of the National Executive Council (NEC) Meeting

On 06/Aug/2015 / In Articles

National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeira (NARD) Communique Issued at the End of the National Executive Council (NEC) Meeting of the National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria (NARD) Health at Obaf[...]

W.H.O FACT FILE: 10 Facts on MalNutrition

On 06/Aug/2015 / In Articles

Malnutrition, in all forms, is a major contributor to disease and early deaths for mothers and children. Undernutrition, including vitamin and mineral deficiencies, contributes to about one third of all child deaths, a[...]

Dr Gray - Why We Doctors Do What We Do

On 04/Aug/2015 / In Articles

  OPINION   Contrary to the popular medical dramas, working lengthy shifts at a public hospital is no walk in the part. DR THOMAS GRAY why doctors soldier on through 24- to 36-hour shifts.   Be[...]

Radiologists Dont Have To Fear Watson. Yet. By Howard Chen, MD

On 04/Aug/2015 / In Articles

  Arthur C. Clark and Stanley Kubrick predicted supercomputers more intelligent than humans.  In 2001: A Space Odyssey, HAL states, with typical human immodesty, “The 9000 series is the most reliable[...]

Press Release by Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria on World Hepatitis Day

On 02/Aug/2015 / In Articles

28th of July, every year is World Hepatitis Day. On behalf of Mr President-Alh Toyosi Y. Raheem, the National Executive Officers (NEOs) and the entire members of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nige[...]

Combat Medics Train As They Fight

On 30/Jul/2015 / In Articles

  2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division Public Affairs   CAMP CASEY, South Korea - The Army healthcare specialist has another name by which it is recognized by the general public. The co[...]

2015 WORLD HEPATITIS DAY: Preventing Viral Hepatitis

On 28/Jul/2015 / In Articles

The main aim of July 28, World Hepatitis Day, is to sensitize and encourage people on how to prevent, diagnose, and treat viral hepatitis infections.   The  Theme for is Prevention  of  Viral he[...]

One Year Without Polio in Nigeria

On 24/Jul/2015 / In Articles

National Primary Health Care Development Agency in collaboration with Partners   Press Release on one Year without Polio in Nigeria (Embargoed till Friday,24 July 2015)   NIGERIA ON THE ROAD TO POLIO[...]

CPR From Bystanders Can Save Lives

On 23/Jul/2015 / In Articles

  A new study finds CPR given promptly by ordinary bystanders is linked to substantially higher survival among sudden cardiac arrest victims.   The study found prompt CPR from bystanders saved lives and[...]

The Avoidable Crisis in the Health Sector BY Abdullahi Sadiq

On 22/Jul/2015 / In Articles

As you are reading this article, more than twenty federal government-owned hospitals are closed down and activities were paralysed by the industrial action of resident doctors under the leadership of Association of Res[...]

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