The Medics Who Would NOT Help In An Accident

On 12/Oct/2014 / In Articles

  . One in five doctors admit they may not offer assistance for fear of being sued . 21% unsure or wouldn't help someone needing medical attention if off duty . GP was criticised for failing to help woma[...]

RE: Response To Dr Paul John's 'Another Ultimatum From JOHESU'

On 11/Oct/2014 / In Articles

  My dear Ibe V.C.N,   As I was surfing, I stumbled on your response to one of my  publications .I am a little busy now but let me hurriedly address some of the issues you raised. You said you are[...]

Heart-Rending Test in Ebola Zone: A Baby

On 10/Oct/2014 / In Articles

  Peering inside a red Nissan hatchback that had pulled up to the gate of an Ebola treatment center here, a guard saw an older woman holding a tiny newborn, a young woman sprawled in the back seat and a man i[...]

A Reply To Dr Paul John's “Another Ultimatum From JOHESU?”: Be Humble In Service By Ibe, V.C.N Part 2

On 10/Oct/2014 / In Articles

  From the chart above, one can see that a House Officer/Corper Doctor is placed on GL 10 which is CONMESS 1, while a physiotherapist intern for example is place on GL 8 (which is CONHESS 7). Now check it, wh[...]

A Reply To Dr Paul John's “Another Ultimatum From JOHESU?”: Be Humble In Service By Ibe, V.C.N

On 10/Oct/2014 / In Articles

  I naturally dislike arrogance. It is cancerous. Anyone who develops little pieces of arrogance in himself should be on the watch out! Otherwise those “cancerous arrogant cells” will mutate a[...]


On 08/Oct/2014 / In Articles

  To all my Muslim friends,I say 'Barka da Sallah.' I wish them happy Eid al-Adha. This is a time for both Christians and Moslems to make sacrifices in order to build this nation. This occasion centers o[...]


On 08/Oct/2014 / In Articles

HIGH LEVEL EXPERTS MEETING ON EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE The Treatment Research Group (TRG) on Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) was set up by the Honourable Minister of Health on 4th August 2014 to privide guidance to Government o[...]

Senate Committee on Health Public Hearing on the National Tobacco Control Bill 2012

On 07/Oct/2014 / In Articles

Invitation to a One Day Public Hearing and Presentation of Memoranda on A Bill for An Act Repeal The Tobacco (Control) Act 1990 CAP.T6 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria and to Enact the National Tobacco Control Bill 20[...]

Herbs for Stress Relief, Relaxation, and Balance

On 06/Oct/2014 / In Articles

  Relaxation tips to reduce the stress response and better cope with the effects of stress.Ways to reduce the physiological response to stress using herbs to help create better balance, more calm, and induce rel[...]

Philips Inaugurates Africa’s First Community Life Center

On 06/Oct/2014 / In Articles

Philips Inaugurates Africa’s First Community Life Center aimed at strengthening primary health care and enabling community development   Royal Philips (AEX: PHIA, NYSE: PHG) has opened its first Communit[...]

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