The Marmoset Animal Model Recapitulates Disease Symptoms Of MERS Infection In Humans

On 22/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  An article published on August 21st in PLOS Pathogens reports the first animal model that recapitulates the severe and sometimes lethal respiratory symptoms seen in human patients and suggests that the common[...]

Article: Hunting the Scapegoat.

On 21/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  The recent events in the health sector have left a lot of Nigerians reeling from shock. First it was the striking doctors who went on a record strike of more than one month. Then it was the dreaded Ebola virus[...]

Much Ado About a Fist Bump Study

On 21/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  In this world of evidence-based care, is there anything to be said for common sense? A study was published in the American Journal of Infection Control that found that a fist bump transmitted fewer organism[...]

Ebola And A Country That Never Prepares For Anything

On 19/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  When the Igbo came up with the proverb, “A scheduled war does not claim the life of the cripple”, they did not take Nigeria into cognisance. That proverb does not apply to us, because since I was b[...]

Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Inaugural Lecture

On 19/Aug/2014 / In Articles

The Vice-Chancellor, Ahmadi Bello University, Zaria, Professor Abdullahi Mustapha, FPSN cordially invites members of the University community and the general public to an inaugural lecture scheduled to hold as follows:[...]

#NMASTRIKE: Again, Jonathan Fails to Learn From History

On 19/Aug/2014 / In Articles

The recent sack of 16,000 resident doctors by President Goodluck Jonathan came as a rude shock to most Nigerians and the international community, even as the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD) remains a challenge. The sa[...]

#HUMANITARIANHEROES: A Tribute to Our Fallen Colleagues

On 19/Aug/2014 / In Articles

Today August 19th 2014 is World Humanitarian Day and This Year we are shining the spotlight on humanitarians (NURSES) in Nigeria and profiling Humanitarian Heroes – Our Nurses in all walks of life, who are commit[...]

Ebola Virus Disease: My Greatest Fear

On 18/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  I must confess that I never truly knew what a virus was until HIV/AIDS made its infamous entry into Nigeria in the mid-80s. There was no lack of the usual conspiracy theories about how the West engineered the[...]

Is Doctors’ Strike Ethically Justifiable? By Abdu Adamu

On 18/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  Before we crucify medical doctors lets us ensure we are armed with all the necessary information to make a reasonable judgment. Most often at times, the general public are blindsided by the government during s[...]


On 18/Aug/2014 / In Articles

  As I drove my car to the  car wash in preparation for a programme I had the next day,I decided to board a commercial bus to buy some materials from the nearest market . While inside the bus,an argument wa[...]

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