Stem Cells Reach Standard For Use In Drug Development

On 12/Jun/2013 / In Articles

Drug development for a range of conditions could be improved with stem cell technology that helps doctors predict the safety and the effectiveness of potential treatments.   University scientists have been abl[...]

Food Safety: New Rules For Baby Food, Special Diet Food And Low-Calorie Food

On 12/Jun/2013 / In Articles

Rules on the labelling and content of baby milks and foods for special medical purposes will be better defined in order to protect consumers and distinguish more clearly between foods for normal consumption and foods f[...]

New Cause of Life-Threatening Disease Identified

On 09/Jun/2013 / In Articles

Danish researchers have just published findings that explain a previously unknown mechanism used by cells to communicate with one another. The research significantly contributes to understanding why some children are b[...]

Mandela Is Hospitalized Again, Deepening Worries Over Frailty

On 08/Jun/2013 / In Articles

JOHANNESBURG — Former President Nelson Mandela of South Africa was hospitalized early Saturday to be treated for a recurring lung infection, the South African government said. It was the fourth time in less than[...]

Uncertainty Is Hard for Doctors

On 06/Jun/2013 / In Articles

My patient came to me for advice. His cardiologist was recommending that he get an I.C.D., a type of defibrillator, implanted in his heart. My patient hadn’t suffered any abnormal heart rhythms, but his heart was[...]

‘People Think It’s Over’

On 02/Jun/2013 / In Articles

Spared Death, Aging People With H.I.V. Struggle to Live By JOHN LELAND   Steve Schalchlin would be the first to tell you he lives in a time of miracles, and about how hard that can be. In 1995, as his body w[...]

Almitrine Will Be Withdrawn as COPD Therapy in 3 EU Nations

On 02/Jun/2013 / In Articles

Oral medicines containing almitrine, once a go-to therapy for chronic respiratory failure in several European countries, will be withdrawn there because the drug's benefits no longer outweigh the risk for long-last[...]

Leg Wraps Raise Hopes Of Saved Lives After Strokes

On 01/Jun/2013 / In Articles

Cheap inflatable leg wraps may save the lives of patients after a stroke, according to research in Scotland.   The devices regularly squeeze the legs to keep blood flowing and prevent formation of fatal blood[...]

Promising New Therapy For Lung Cancer

On 01/Jun/2013 / In Articles

A novel therapy for the most common form of lung cancer shows promise and seems to yield largely manageable side effects, according to new research that will be presented at the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Soci[...]

Good Kidney Health Begins Before Birth

On 31/May/2013 / In Articles

Researchers have found that conditions in the womb can affect kidney development and have serious health implications for the child not only immediately after birth, but decades later.   In a paper published i[...]

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