Why Eating Late At Night May Be Bad For Your Brain

On 25/Feb/2015 / In Articles

  That dinner you’ve been putting off until late at night or bowl of ice cream you can’t resist before bedtime could mess with your head.   Experts studying our body’s internal[...]

John C. Willke, Doctor Who Led Fight Against Abortion, Dies at 89

On 23/Feb/2015 / In Articles

  Dr. John C. Willke, an obstetrician who helped establish the modern anti-abortion movement — and whose idea that rape victims could resist conception was widely challenged — died on Friday at his h[...]

Of Nigerians and Truth

On 23/Feb/2015 / In Articles

  Most of my work has been in criticism of the President, yet, a democrat that he is, he doesn't blink. When he said corruption was not the number-one problem of Nigeria, we all disagreed. Well, i don't;[...]

Health Insurance in Nigeria by Dr. Lawumi Adekola

On 19/Feb/2015 / In Articles

Abstract: Health Insurance in Nigeria has had a tortuous historical development from the first attempt in 1962 to the enactment of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) act 35 of 1999 and the gradual increase in[...]

There Were no Good Samaritans: Perform CPR in Strange Places By Enkwanta

On 12/Feb/2015 / In Articles

  This article discusses how nurses and other individuals, not just health care workers can save lives no matter where they are located. It gave examples of how two graduate nurses attempted to perform CPR on[...]

Woman Diagnosed Her own Terminal Cancer Using Google After Doctors Missed It

On 11/Feb/2015 / In Articles

A young woman suffering excruciating stomach pains diagnosed herself with ovarian cancer using Google. By the time the Sadie Rance's disease was discovered, a tumour growing on her ovary had reached the size of a m[...]

Why do new strains of HIV spread slowly?

On 06/Feb/2015 / In Articles

  Single strains of HIV entered distinct populations across the world to establish local epidemics. Once established, these epidemics are resilient to the introduction of new strains, thus conserving "found[...]

LAUTECH Students Seek Grants For Cancer Drug Research

On 04/Feb/2015 / In Articles

  Students of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, have called on the government to provide substantial grants to local researchers and pharmaceutical companies to enable them to pr[...]

Best Foods To Lower Inflammation

On 04/Feb/2015 / In Articles

  Ginger, nuts, fatty fish and whole grains are just some of the many foods that have been touted to have anti-inflammatory properties. But do they work?   It turns out that experts agree that ea[...]

Nigerian Doctor Who Killed British Patient By Injecting Him With Ten Times Correct Dose Of Painkillers Sues Author For Mentioning Incident In His Book

On 04/Feb/2015 / In Articles

  . Daniel Ubani killed Stuart Gray with massive dose of diamorphine in 2008  . Coroner ruled death manslaughter and arrest warrant was issued in UK . But he cut deal with prosecutors in Germany where h[...]

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