Mythbusters: Does This Cause Cancer? Artificial Sweeteners

On 18/Mar/2015 / In Articles

Victoria Stern, MA    What the science says:  Fears about the potential carcinogenic effects of artificial sweeteners continue to persist, despite a compelling body of evidence showing that no such[...]

Mythbusters: Does This Cause Cancer? Cell Phones

On 18/Mar/2015 / In Articles

By Victoria Stern, MA    What the science says: Despite 20 years of research investigating a link between mobile phone use and brain cancer, experts remain polarized on the issue. Some assert that an i[...]

Mythbusters: Does This Cause Cancer? bisphenol A (BPA)

On 18/Mar/2015 / In Articles

By Victoria Stern, MA    Editor's Note: Although cancer incidence and mortality have decreased in recent years, cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the United States. According to th[...]

UCTH CMD Cautions On Poor Handling of Medical Waste Materials

On 18/Mar/2015 / In Articles

  The Chief Medical Director, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Dr Thomas Agan, has warned health practitioners to be cautious with the way and manner in which they handle medical waste materials that may[...]

Nigeria losing billions to medical tourism –CMD

On 14/Mar/2015 / In Articles

  BY SUCCESS NWOGU The Chief Medical Director of the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Kwara State, Prof. Abdulwaheed Olatinwo, has sad that Nigeria is losing billions of naira to foreign medical tourism[...]

Anti-herpes drug may help control HIV, NIH study finds

On 14/Mar/2015 / In Articles

  Valacyclovir, a drug commonly used to control the virus that causes genital herpes, appears to reduce the levels of HIV in patients who do not have genital herpes, according to a study by researchers from the[...]

Peoples Daily Editorial: No to Further NMA Strike

On 10/Mar/2015 / In Articles

Last year, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) embarked on 55-day strike to press home demands it said were centred on improvement of the structure and tradition of the profession in addition to clinical governance[...]

Protection Without a Vaccine

On 10/Mar/2015 / In Articles

  By CARL ZIMMER   Last month, a team of scientists announced what could prove to be an enormous step forward in the fight against H.I.V.   Scientists at Scripps Research Institute said they ha[...]

Why is Opiate Addiction So Hard to Treat?

On 10/Mar/2015 / In Articles

  By Lindsay Kramer   Okay, I’ll admit it: I experience much difficulty treating opiate dependence. From heroin to OxyContin to Kratom, opiate abuse is alive and flailing in this field.  [...]

Pharmacogenetic Testing May Change Psychiatric Treatments for ADHD, Depression

On 10/Mar/2015 / In Articles

Prescribing medications has long been a trial-and-error approach for nearly any medication you could take. That’s been especially true in psychiatry, where there are dozens of medications that could be prescribed[...]

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