2016 Physicians Week: Our National Road Walk Has Been Blown Out of Proportion

On 30/Oct/2016 / In Articles

Doctors all over the federation on October 26, 2016 participated in a road walk as part of the efforts marking this year’s Physicians’ Week . The aim of the road walk was to draw our governments (federal an[...]

FMC OWERRI: Why Dr Angela the Goddess Must Be Sacked

On 30/Oct/2016 / In Articles

The leopard can never change its skin. Already 27 Resident Doctors have been shortlisted for sack as soon as practicable by Angela Uwakwem. Don't be fooled that she has forgotten that ARD was the first to summon up[...]

One Physician to 3,500 Patients, Yet Nigerian Doctors Beg for Posting

On 29/Oct/2016 / In Articles

Reluctant to open the bottle of chilled drink in front of her at a restaurant where she agreed to meet our correspondent that hot afternoon, having a drink with a reporter in a restaurant was the last thing she wanted[...]

Letter to Our Delegates at the NANNM Quadrennial Conference BY Jude Chiedu

On 22/Oct/2016 / In Articles

Our dear delegates, imagine how time flies, it really feels like yesterday because i vividly recall this day back in 2012. Four years has since gone by, its another election year and that is why i have chosen to write[...]

On The Incessant Crises At FMC Owerri By Dr Paul John

On 21/Oct/2016 / In Articles

When the immediate past British prime minister described Nigerians as being ‘fantastically corrupt,’ something must have informed that description. Nigeria is a country where a civil servant lives above his[...]

How to Promote the Medical Laboratory Profession by Stephanie Noblit

On 09/Oct/2016 / In Articles

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a medical laboratory scientist. In fact, only until a few months before I started school to become one did I even know that the job existed. Like most people, I was completely obliv[...]

Stroke In The Young: A First-Hand Account

On 30/Sep/2016 / In Articles

  At the age of 17, Beth went from being a normal, healthy teenager to lying in a hospital bed unable to move or speak. Now spear-heading an awareness campaign for strokes in the young, she reflects on her recov[...]

Feature: More Herbs For Treating Rheumatism

On 01/Sep/2016 / In Articles

  Until now, several medicinal plants including Zingiber officinale (ginger), Citrus aurantifolia (lime) and Psidium guajava (guava) have shown anti rheumatoid arthritis properties. But researchers from the Depa[...]

An Open Letter To The Executive Gov. Of Delta State On Incessant Industrial Actions In Delta State University Teaching Hospital: The True Story

On 31/Aug/2016 / In Articles

  Your Excellency,    Delta State University Teaching Hospital (DELSUTH), located in Oghara, the headquarters of Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, is the apex autochthonous health[...]

LeNNiB CAMPAIGN: Medical Doctors Need to Demand

On 23/Aug/2016 / In Articles

We DEMAND that health care providers need to be advocates As you may be aware, the health indicators in Nigeria may have improved between 2000 and 2015. This improvement is insignificant as Life expectancy in Nigeria[...]

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