On 17/Sep/2014 / In Articles

  The Editorial Board invites all interested individuals who wishes to publish articles or advertise their enterprises in the mental health magazine with an ISSN Number 2276-6677.   The Board req[...]

Way forward in Handling the Spread of Ebola By Kenneth E. E.

On 16/Sep/2014 / In Articles

  I have waited long enough to write on the outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Nigeria. I started following the story of the outbreak from the Guinea. It then spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone in March 20[...]

Wages of Impunity, By Wole Soyinka

On 14/Sep/2014 / In Articles

The dancing obscenity of Shekau and his gang of psychopaths and child abductors, taunting the world, mocking the BRING BACK OUR GIRLS campaign on internet, finally met its match in Nigeria to inaugurate the week of Sep[...]

SCHOOL RESUMPTION: Before Nigeria Deteriorates to the Level of Sierra Leone BY Paul John

On 14/Sep/2014 / In Articles

I wonder why we Nigerians always place our material gains before the unity or survival of this country ? When federal government initially announced the postponement of the date for the resumption of schools to October[...]

The Reason Ebola Isn't Being Stopped

On 13/Sep/2014 / In Articles

  . Disease detective finds contact tracing system for Ebola outbreak "in shambles" . Many contacts' addresses were missing or vague . Only 20% to 30% of contacts in database were being[...]

Ebola: ‘Heroine Of The Day,’ Dr Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, Buried Today

On 12/Sep/2014 / In Articles

  A Funeral Service in honour of the brave, patriotic “Heroine Of The Day” Dr Ameyo Stella Adadevoh was held Friday at Holy Cross Cathedral near City Hall, Lagos Island at 10:00 am. Dr Adadevoh died[...]

EBOLA: Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria Public Notice

On 12/Sep/2014 / In Articles

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) is agency of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which has statutory responsibility for the regulation of medical and dental professions in Nigeria includi[...]

Why Is The Federal Government Banning 'Ponmo'?

On 10/Sep/2014 / In Articles

  Last night, social media went agog with the news that the Federal Government is making moves to ban the consumption of animal hides (ponmo, as it is called.)   As people are generally wont to read hea[...]

Premature School Resumption Involving Up to 80 million Children, Adolescents, Students & Teachers is High-Risk Strategy - For Children, Parents, Nigeria & ECOWAS

On 09/Sep/2014 / In Articles

  ANALYSIS   Has the Nigerian Ministry of Education taken a high-risk decision to bring forward re-opening of primary and secondary schools before the country's Ebola outbreak is certifiably over?[...]

Cure For Public-Speaking Jitters: Stand Like A Starfish

On 09/Sep/2014 / In Articles

  Two minutes spent pretending to be a starfish could be the answer to your corporate jitters. Sure, it sounds outlandish, but laboratory studies suggest that adopting a so-called power pose could make the di[...]

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