PUNCH Editorial: Making Medical Workers Pay for Negligence

On 02/Oct/2017 / In Articles

Seeking medical care in Nigerian hospitals is fast becoming a risky business, as patients often end up worse off than they were before seeking treatment. The country’s health care system is generally characterise[...]

Medical Internship In Nigeria: Expectations, Challenges And Recommendations -Dr Ogbodu, Oghenekaro Alex

On 01/Oct/2017 / In Articles

The Nigerian educational system poses alot of unnecessary challenges that every student seeks to avoid or - where they have no better choice, as it's usually the case - pass through the traumatizing system as hurri[...]

RE: The Anathemas of Neo-Tyrannic Tendencies: JOHESU And The Weaponry Of Strikes

On 01/Oct/2017 / In Articles

I stumbled on a piece of write - up written by one Ujaddughe MOSES Oriasotie, hiding under the guise of a Public Affairs Analyst to spit garbage, effluvia and messes under the title: "The Anathema Of Neo-Tyrannic[...]

Stanford Professor: How To Avoid A**holes In Life

On 29/Sep/2017 / In Articles

The a**hole personality is everywhere in this world whether it comes in the form of a boss, co-worker, friend or significant other. These people can leave you feeling de-energized or disrespected, and they aren't a[...]

The Anathema Of Neo-Tyrannic Tendencies: JOHESU And The Weaponry Of Strikes!

On 27/Sep/2017 / In Articles

The ailing nation Nigeria has been grappling with a circle of strikes in the last couple of months. Need not bother you with the litany of their demands, rather the dimension taken by the consequent strike action. The[...]

Discordant Couples; my HIV status, I cant tell my spouse!

On 27/Sep/2017 / In Articles

Mrs ABCD was tested positive for HIV in one of our clinics. She has been counseled and enrolled for treatment as soon as the test confirmed her status. On several occasions she was adviced to tell her husband so he als[...]

What Constitutes Medical Negligence BY Abiola Ibrahim

On 27/Sep/2017 / In Articles

We are all aware of the myriads of issues affecting the health sector in Nigeria: Lack of adequate funds, insufficient manpower, inadequate remuneration, epileptic power supply. You can as well add yours, the problems[...]

Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy Investiture Examines Cancer Research

On 24/Sep/2017 / In Articles

Towards proffering solution to the burden of cancer in Nigeria through the use of alternative medicine, the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy, will be looking at the role of research in the treatment and management of cancer[...]

Nurse Lillian Kuczka Who Helped Develop The Crash Cart Dies Aged 91

On 20/Sep/2017 / In Articles

Lillian “Pat” Kuczka, a nurse who helped develop the “crisis cart” for hospitals, died Monday in Autumn View Health Care Facility, Hamburg. She was 91.   Born in Orchard Park, the forme[...]

INTERVIEW: How I Got The German Embassy To Set Up A Health Clinic In Abuja IDP Camp: Ex-NYSC Member

On 18/Sep/2017 / In Articles

As the world deals with a refugee crisis arising from wars in Syria and parts of the Middle East, Nigeria is also dealing with its own internal refugee crisis. The Boko Haram insurgency has led to widespread displaceme[...]

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