Nigeria’s Whistle-Blower Policy

On 27/Dec/2016 / In Articles

“You’re a whistle-blower if you’re a worker and you report certain types of wrongdoing. This will usually be something you’ve seen at work – though not always. The wrongdoing you disclose[...]

The Guide EVERYONE Needs To Know When Buying Bras

On 21/Dec/2016 / In Articles

Lingerie queen reveals how to boost your assets based on your breast shape, Shares a very simple guide to buying the perfect bra for your breast shape. Ranges from bralettes for round breasts to underwired bra for outw[...]

The £30million Cost Of Health Tourism In Just A Year

On 20/Dec/2016 / In Articles

Overseas patients are racking up debts of £5m annually at worst-affected trusts. Amount owed in 2015/16 is almost double the £15.9million from 2014/15. Experts said figures were tip of iceberg as only cover[...]

The Foods You Should NEVER Keep Chilled Revealed (And The Surprising Ones You Definitely Should)

On 20/Dec/2016 / In Articles

FEMAIL can reveal which items belong in the fridge and which don't. Avocados, tomatoes, and even cucumbers should be kept on the counter. But you should definitely refrigerate your Brussels sprouts and figs [...]

A Nurse’s Wish for the Grieving During the Holidays

On 19/Dec/2016 / In Articles

While the holidays are often a time of food, celebration, and reunion, they can also be a time of deep grief and loneliness. The holidays can represent the void of a loved one who has passed. A nurse knows this better[...]

STUDY: Half of Us Likely to Believe Events That Never Happened

On 18/Dec/2016 / In Articles

A new study finds that if we are repeatedly told about a fictitious autobiographical event, more than 50 percent of us are likely to believe we experienced it, and some of us may even elaborate on what happened. &nbs[...]

Autism Could Be Caused By A Lack Of A Protein In The Brain, Study Finds

On 15/Dec/2016 / In Articles

A third of cases are now believed to be down to a lack of nSR100 in the brain. nSR100 is important for normal brain development and the building of cells. Researchers lowered the levels of the nSR100 protein in mice to[...]

Unpaid Salaries, Alleged Fraud Cripple FMCs, Teaching Hospitals

On 15/Dec/2016 / In Articles

FG says we shouldn’t expect salaries till January – Doctors Ask CMDs for your salaries – FG   Though not new to labour related disputes, a new wave of industrial disharmony sweeping through[...]

RRBN: Don't Start A War You Cannot Finish

On 14/Dec/2016 / In Articles

Recently, a hospital in Abuja was allegedly closed down by Radiographers’ Registration Board of Nigeria (RRBN).Initially, I did not believe that such an illegal operation, of closing down a hospital by a body whi[...]

Doctors in Nigeria: Healers or Killers? Part 2

On 13/Dec/2016 / In Articles

Some Cases of Medical Negligence   Broken Arm Some years ago, maybe about 2009 or so, my little son broke his arm. We rushed him to a well-known Orthopaedic Hospital in Victoria Island. He was given some pai[...]

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