Professionalism In Nursing: How Far Are We In Nigeria? By Taiwo Omotayo Alabi RN, BNSc, (MSc in view)

On 13/Oct/2017 / In Articles

Introduction Thinking of a professional can conjure up images of an individual well dressed with a briefcase. A person’s dress code is very important, nevertheless, right attitude, good knowledge and positive b[...]

The Nigerian Healthcare System, A Battle Field For The Fear Of Unknown. By Frank U. C. RN, CIEH.

On 11/Oct/2017 / In Articles

"On The NMA Power tussle with JOHESU".  What do you think the Prognosis will be?   I will like to take it up from where Prof. Alonge, Chief Medical Director, University College Hospital Ibadan N[...]

4 Things Your Mouth Says About You

On 08/Oct/2017 / In Articles

Some studies show that people with gum disease are more likely have heart disease than those with healthy gums. Researchers aren’t sure why that is; gum disease isn’t proven to cause other diseases. But it[...]

Afe Babalola University Completes 600 Bed Teaching Hospital

On 08/Oct/2017 / In Articles

Afe Babalola University has finally completed her world class teaching hospital which was initially slated for commissioning in the first quarter of 2017.   The 600 bed teaching hospital is set to reduce educa[...]

Public Notice: To All ENT Nurses Who Are Yet To Register With The NMCN

On 08/Oct/2017 / In Articles

This is to inform any and all Qualified ENT Nurses from 1999 to date who studied at the ENT Nursing Programme, Kaduna and is not yet registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria for what ever reason or[...]

Trauma Of Nursing A Sickle Cell Child By Yetunde Arebi

On 07/Oct/2017 / In Articles

It’s almost impossible to find a parent with a death wish for her child, right? But that was exactly what Nneka wished for her only daughter, diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia, who almost died from a severe crisi[...]

Radioactive Particles Detected Across Europe, And Scientists Have No Idea Where They Came From

On 06/Oct/2017 / In Articles

German officials say that a spike in radioactivity has been detected in the air in western and central Europe. Elevated levels of the isotope Ruthenium-106 have been reported in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and[...]

Is Dried Fruit Healthy?

On 06/Oct/2017 / In Articles

Yes, dried fruits -- including dried apricots, dried cranberries, raisins, dried dates, dried figs and prunes -- pack a big nutrient punch for their shrunken size.   The reason is that nutrients and fiber are[...]

@FRSCNigeria Officials Safely Deliver Baby Girl On Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

On 05/Oct/2017 / In Articles

Today, officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission took delivery of a baby girl while her mum was travelling on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.   According to a statement by Route Commander Florence Okpe FRSC[...]

Science Backs Up These Pregnancy Superstitions By Cari Romm, Science of Us

On 05/Oct/2017 / In Articles

Most of the folk wisdom that well-meaning older relatives offer up to expectant mothers can be easily ignored: Carrying the baby lower in the abdomen isn't a sign that it's a boy, or a girl, or anything other t[...]

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